Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spirit Animal Meditation Part 3: message received

After performing the qabalistic cross ritual along with the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, i laid in bed and calmed my mind and body with a relaxation exercise. I then visualized a staircase, it appeared to me as a stone staircase like in a castle tower, the stair case was lit by flaming torches. I walked down the stairs counting from 12 to 1 and once i exited the staircase i was in my place of power, which normally appears to me as a gigantic library on a mountain top. In my place of power i willed to meet Fox spirit, who appeared before me. I asked the spirit what message it had for me and the spirit spoke with its mouth like a human and said its message was camouflage and to teach me when i am being deceived. I asked how i will know i am being deceived and it said i will feel it in my being and know it in my thoughts. I asked if Fox was my totem and it shook its head, no. I asked if it was a protector and it shook its head, yes. I asked when i can contact Fox and it told me i can call on it whenever i need its help. The Fox was red, black and white; it was large, standing in height with my torso, its voice was kind, its energy friendly and its demeanor was that of a wise creature. I thanked the Fox and bowed to it, then i turned to the stone staircase and walked up it counting from 1 to 12 as i did and returned to my physical body. I immediately wrote down the whole experience in my magickal journal.
This was an amazing experience, i let my subconscious go and Fox finally appeared to me in a stable visualization and actually answered my questions. Obviously doing the qabalistic cross and LBRP before the meditation helped tremendously, and now I have fox’s message to me. I know now that Fox is a protector and has come to teach me camouflage and how to detect deception. Both very useful skills and abilities. I am very happy with this experience, I learned a lot and can grow from here.

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