Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Witch’s Pyramid

The power used in magick and witchcraft is rooted in the knowledge of four simple rules known as the witch’s pyramid. These are the four corner stones of magick, and though they may not be completely magickal in and of themselves, their joint application is. The ability to utilize the four magick rules will result in the ability of what is known as ‘witch power’. 

The four rules of magick are: Imagination, Willpower, Faith and Silence.

Imagination is the ability to summon within your mind an idea or desire. The imagination used in the witch’s pyramid should be focused and complete.

Willpower is the drive for the idea and desire summoned with imagination. This is the magickal will, which should be potent and unwavering.

A firm Faith in ones abilities is also necessary for the application of the magickal will and vivid imagination. Without this then there would be no belief in the powers of the witch. You must have strong faith in your spells, faith in your own true power.

Silence is a necessary tool for the budding practitioner of the occult arts. Though we are in a more ‘enlightened’ time period in which there is more freedom, it would do you well to practice in the art of secrecy. Tell no one of your workings that is not understanding to your cause. For their cynical responses can be damaging to the faith that you have built and their negative energies can affect the course of a spell. Also a more mundane reasoning to keeping silent about your workings is the very real damage of fear. Fear from neighbors who upon learning of your extra-curriculum activities will proceed to call the authorities every night you are casting a spell. Fear from coworkers who slander your good name to elevate themselves and diminish your time at a job. Fear from fanatics who will picket your house or harass you with their benedictions and prayers of enslavement.

The culmination of the four rules or pyramid powers will result in the basic and fundamental achievement of witch power. Stay true to the witch’s pyramid and magick will most certainly be a foot.

Beatus Esse,

Lionheart’s Protection Potion

This potion is best prepared during the waning moon as close to the new moon as possible. Also steel or iron pots are good for creating protection potions (though for any other potion I highly recommend glass or earthenware pots).

·      Steel or Iron pot
·      Mortar and Pestle
·      Bowl or mixing vessel
·      Measuring Cup
·      Measuring Spoons (table spoon and teaspoon needed)
·      Cheesecloth
·      Jar or Bottle that can hold at least 1 ½ cup of water with out over flowing

·      1 ½ cups Water
·       1 tablespoon Sea Salt
·      2 teaspoons Ground Sage
·      2 teaspoons St. John’s Wort
·      1 teaspoon Dragons Blood (ground)
·      1 teaspoon Juniper

 In a bowl or vessel start mixing the herbs together, enchanting each ingredient with red protective energy. Do this by holding the herb in your power hand (the hand you write with) and visualize yourself being filled with red light, slowly start tensing your muscles while chanting “Protection, Protection, Protection…”, I find it helps to also visualize a shield while building the energy, then focus the red light into your power hand and release your muscles slowly visualizing the energy transferring into the herb. Once the ingredient is enchanted add it to the bowl or vessel. Do this for each herb. The Dragons Blood can be enchanted while you crush it in your mortar and pestle, as you grind the Dragons Blood chant and visualize red light being pushed into the powder. Once you have enchanted and added each ingredient to the bowl begin mixing with your power hand while focusing on your intent. Now place your hands over the mixture and again enchant it with red protective energy.
  Next bring 1 ½ cup of water to boil, add the tablespoon of sea salt and mix well. Once the water is boiling turn heat down slightly and mix in your herb mixture. Let steep while mixing occasionally, here I would like to note that you should still be focusing on your intent. Once the herbs are blended place hands over the mixture (careful not to burn yourself) and enchant one last time with red protective energy. Turn off the heat and let cool. Once the mixture has cooled use the cheesecloth to strain the potion into your jar or bottle. Label the potion and date it.

Using your potion: DO NOT DRINK! This potion is for anointing your wrists and third eye while visualizing a red shield surrounding you, or you can use it to anoint candles for protection spells or even jewelry like necklaces to give them a protective power. The potion should last a long while as long as you keep it in a dark place away from direct sunlight. Record your performance and results in a journal specifically used for magick, dreams and meditations.

Beatus Esse,

LION HEART ANNOUNCEMENT: Hiatus is officially cancelled, I'm back!

After much time working on matters in the mundane I have come back. I needed a break from the blog in order to achieve a sense of balance in my life, with both my mundane and magickal activities. I have reached that balance and I am ready to move forward. As such I have been working on some new material that I am happy to begin sharing right away. In my absence on Lion Heart I have begun delving into interesting topics on magick such as medieval witchcraft, ceremonial disciplines, and in depth chakra training as well as inner temple explorations. All workings that I would be happy to share and explore here on Lion Heart. So check back to see some new updates and material. Thank you all for understanding my needs to take a break. I'm happy to be back.

Beatus Esse,
Tytus Lionheart