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Healing Light Candle by Tytus Lionheart

Here is a spell of my own creation (straight out of my own Book of Shadows) that is tried and true. The effects seem to work quickly; eases pain, controls nausea, calms restlessness due to sickness and aids in the healing process. I have had amazing results with this spell when I used it to ease my fiance's healing after chemothrapy; it truley took away his pain so he could sleep peacefully after each treatment.

1 blue candle and candle holder (4 inch spell candles work best)
Lavender oil (can substitute with oilve oil)
Sea salt (can sub for regular table salt)
Water and dish
Rose Petals (fresh or dried)
Small bowl (for vervain and rose petal mixture)
Carving tool (athame or toothpick)

To begin: Consecrate salt by holding it in your hands. Build personal power by tensing all your muscles while visualizing that you are generating white pure energy. Focus this energy into a shining white sphere around your hands and "push" that light into the salt within your hands, say as you do"I bless thee O' creature of Earth, I charge thee to purify and banish all negativity." Once the salt is consecrated (or enchanted if you will), sprinkle it into the bowl of fresh water, visualizing a sphere of light around the water bowl and say, "I bless thee O creature of Water, I charge thee to purify and banish all negativity. You have just created holy water.

Now sprinkle the holy water over the work space (a bed, or comfortable laying mat is ideal for this working). Anoint yourself and the person being healed (if you are casting this spell for yourself then only anoint yourself). To anoint, dab your pointer and middle finger into the holy water and trace of pentacle on forehead, also lightly sprinkle affected area if needed.

Anoint or dress the candle with holy water while saying, " I banish all impurities that may reside within this candle." Anoint the candle again with lavender oil while visualizing the person as healthy and being healed by the candles light say, "Sweet magickal Lavender, release your healing vibrations as this candle burns."

Very carfully, and while focusing on your intent inscribe a pentacle as best you can into the candle while chanting, "Pentacle of healing, pentacle of life, give power to the healing light." Once the inscription is done hold the candle between both hands and strongly visualize you or the recepiant as being relaxed, and fully healed of all your/their symptoms. Place the enchanted candle in it's holder.

Take a handful or so of Vervain and hold between your hands. Again visualize either you or the recipient in perfect health, see all symptoms of the affliction lifted from yourself or the other person. Say, "Vervain of power, aid this spell in conducting healing energy." Tense your muscles while focuing on this intent, see blue healing energy rise from your body. Focus this energy to your hands and again "push" this energy into the herb.
Use this same process for the rose petals, empowering them with peace, love and healing, say "Rose of love, rose of peace lend your power and give release."

Mix the vervain and the rose petals, then sprinkle them clockwise around the candle still holding your visualization in mind. Now stand and place hands over entire spell setup and further empower the arrangement with strong energy and visualization. Remember to direct the energy towards the spell setup, say, "As this candle burns so too does the affliction and bane of all that bathes within its light. Heal, soothe and repair! As I do will, with harm to none, so mote it be!" Light the candle.

Let the receipiant (or yourself) lay down in the anointed space and rest within the candles light to gain the benefits of its healing energy. The spell is ended.

You can let the candle burn out or snuff it out with a blade or your licked fingers (never blow out magickal candles, it is ill luck and an affront to the spirit of Fire) and save it for another spell of this type. **Note** only do one spell per candle. For candle magick of another type use a different candle.

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Mabon 2012

"Winter is coming." 

 Mabon is the second time of the year when the sun crosses the celestial equator only this time the sun is heading south. Winter's approach is noticed by the shortened days. In ancient times (and still in some rural ares of the world) the harvest is brought into the home. In our modern society we can see the symbolic, spiritual aspect of this "second harvest" by measuring the fruits of our hardwork and celebrating the bounty of the harvest, as we brace for the coming cold and darkness. There is a bustle of hustle as preparations are made, final tasks are completed and the success of the year is measured. Mark this time by actualizing fullfillment of your own dreams.
 Mabon represents all that we should be thankful for; all that we have gained thus far in life. We must attune ourselves to the divine influences that rule this sabbat: to the Father God, the Sage, and the Earth Mother. These are the main divine types that are invoked for Mabon. *The Father God represents the sun loosing its powers as summer ends as well as the withering vine; symbolically this is a self-sacrafice from Father God, who gives up His life force so His children may live on. We are to be thankful to our Father God for his sacrafice so that we may be strong for the coming cycle. He will eventually die but be reborn on Yule as the Divine Child: the Sun God reborn.
*The Sage is represented as Dionysus, the God of the Vine. Mabon is also called the winefeast, wine is sacred to Dionysus and so many enchant wine as a way to invoke Dionysus within themselves. Rituals that involve Dionysus usually involve ecstatic trance, vision work (divination,pathworking,spirit summoning), and general revelry to honor and be blessed by the the Great Old One Dionysus.
*The Earth Mother is repsresented most famously by Demeter, whose power over the Earth's abundance and growth withers to nothing after Her daughter Persephone is kidnapped by the God of the Underworld, Hades. He tricks Persephone into a marriage to the woe of Demeter. With the help of the Crone Goddess Hekate, Demeter was able to meet and work a compromise with Hades.  Persephone will be free from the underworld and be able to be with Demeter during the spring and summer season but at the equinox the young Goddess had to return to Her husband, and she then becomes the Queen of the underworld. This bit of mythology has a number of symbolic material attached to it that explain key lessons of the pagan mystery teachings. The tale of Demeter and Hades is an echo of an ancient mythos for the Goddess called Inanna and her descent into the underworld, this is symbolic of the Goddess conquering death and creating the Cycle of Rebirth.
Mabon then has many themes; sacrifice, death, rebirth, transformation, vision working, divination, pathworking. We must take in the transmutive energy of the sabbat and internalize it with in ourselves.
Many celebrate the equinox by doing a simple ritual known as "the wine feast", in honor of Dionysus. So it is appropriate to have some wine that is blessed and to use the remainder in the glass to perform a divination through scrying with the wine; or to enchant the wine, drink half and pour the remainder as a libation to the Earth. Generally a feast of the harvest (or symbolic harvest) is mostly practiced at this time, said to be in honor of Demeter and Dionysus (or the Father God). Think of this sabbat as the Wiccan Thanksgiving, but less about pilgrims and more about the natural changes happening in our Earth and being one with those changes.

Mabon Harvest Ritual
*based on ritual by High Priestess Judy Ann Nock in her book "The Wiccan Year"*Cast a circle then invoke Demeter and Dionysus, place upon the altar: an ear of corn, a loaf of bread, a bowl of grain, a chalice of wine. Think of all the gifts of the land as you accept their bounty. Position each object on the altar to its cardinal point and call forth each quarter as you touch each object in turn: 
  • Touch Corn (east) and say,"Golden is the ripe corn, as golden as the sun rising in the East. The seeds of new life will be carried on the wind to the waiting fields of our eternity. To the East and the spirits Air, We bid you Hail and Welcome!"
  • Touch the Bread (south) and say,"The fire of the south aids our cooking, and warms our hearths. By the blessed flame does wheat transform to nourishment. We take in your essence, O' spirits of the South. And to the Spirits of Fire, We bid you Hail and Welcome!"
  • Touch the chalice of Wine (west) and say,"The sacred chalice holds the gift of the God, and in partaking, we share the libation of joyful measure. To the West and the Spirits of Water, we bid you Hail and Welcome!"
  • Touch the Grains (north) in the bowl and say,"The abundance of the Goddess is evident in the teeming fields. The harvest of Her great body sustains our soul. Behold Her gifts of the Fruitful Earth. To the North and the spirits of Earth, we bid you hail and welcome!"
  • Hold the Corn aloft and take a bite. After doing so recite the following invocation: "Blessed be the corn of the fields. Such was the beginning of the settled Earth. Demeter taught us the secrets of cultivation. In Her golden hair is the silk and the seed that flows in a river of beautiful abundance."
  • Hold the Bread, break off a piece. Eat slowly, taking in its texture and flavor. Recite the following: "Bread is humankind's first alchemy. Through the sacred transmutation of the elements our bodies are fed and nourished. The Goddess feeds us with spiritual food. May the blessings of Her body be ours. She is with us, She is beside us, She dwells within us."
  • Hold out the Chalice, take a sip and recite: "Blessed be the blood of the god that flows within our veins, He dies and awaits rebirth. His long sleep begins as the Earth opens to receive Him. May we be reminded of His sacrifice and coming resurrection, like the vine that dies and rises again. Life is eternal and in each death is the potential for birth. Through His sacrifice, the land increases."
  • Take some grains from the bowl and sprinkle them onto the ground. Recite: "Into the Earth the seed will spill, sprouting forth life. Likewise we shall harvest what is here and be thankful for the blessings we have. We are in awe of the Earth, we are in awe of the Seed, We are grateful for all the Lord and Lady has given us."
  • Meditate on your successes and gains of the year. Give thanks for all that you have received and allow yourself to mourn for the things not meant to be. If you are in a coven take this time to pass the blessed food around and share each others achievements and memories. If you are solitary enjoy your blessed feast and think of your accomplishments, write them in your journal as they come to you during this meditation. When you are ready to close the ritual, use this passage from Ranae, by the Greek poet and playwright Aristophanes to honor the essence of the season:
Let us to the flowery meads repair,
With deathless rosses blooming,
Whose balmy sweets impregn the air,
Both hills and dales perfuming,
Since Fate benign our choir has joined,
We'll trip in mystic measure,
In sweetest harmony combined,
We'll quaff full draughts of pleasure,
For us alone the power of the day,
A milder light dispenses,
And sheds benign a mellow ray, 
To cheer our ravished sense

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Herb of the Month: Juniper/Cedar

This months herb is a special one, for its species holds two powerful herbs in occultism. Juniperus communis or Common Juniper and Juniperus Virginiana other wise known as Cedar wood (Cedar for short). So as a special treat I will be posting occult correspondences for both these popular magickal and medicinal herbs. First up:

Juniper (Juniperus Communis)

(Juniper Communis)

Folk name: Common Juniper
Parts used: leaves, berries, wood, essential oil
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Gender: Both, this herb has feminine and masculine energies
Goddess/God: Inanna also called Ishtar
Medicinal uses: The cones or "berries" yield brown dye and the antiseptic, diuretic, and detoxifying Juniper oil, used to treat cystitis, acne, eczema, cellulite, and rheumatism.
Folklore: The ripe cones or "berries" flavor gin, Chartreuse, pates, and game. Native Americans boiled the "berries" to treat colds and burned the needles as incense. Juniper was widely used as incense in Sumer, Babylon and Egypt for spiritual purposes and to honor both Goddesses and Gods. It is sacred specifically to Inanna who was later called Ishtar. Centuries later in Europe, branches of Juniper were smoldered and carried around fields and farms to release their protective energies, guarding both livestock and crops.
Magickal effects: Protection, Purification, Healing
Magickal uses: In traditional aromatherapy Juniper essential oil is used to detox the body, as a parasiticide (parasite destroyer) and antiseptic. Notice how this medicinal property coincides with Juniper's magickal use of purifying homes and fields. Juniper can be used for protective rituals designed to ward off negativity as well as to purge such negative energies from a person or place. You can inhale Juniper essential oil (or dried herbal sachet) while visualizing it's energies guarding you from negativity and danger. You can also use this technique for internal purification, inhale the fragrance and visualize thusly. Juniper can be used as part of health-maintaining rituals, regularly smell the scent while visualizing yourself eating correctly, exercising and thinking positively. * Burning it as incense before taking part in health-maintenance activities can aid in attaining the full benefits of those healthy exercises. Juniper can be used in the making of "besomes", or magickal brooms, it can add purifying and protective energies to such a magickal tool.


Cedar wood (Juniperus Virginiana)

Folk name: Tree of the Lord, Red Cedar
Parts used: dried wood, essential oil
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Gender: Both
Goddess/God: All; Cedar has long been used as a sacred incense to honor a variety of deities.
Medicinal uses: Eastern Red Cedar wood (juniperus virginiana) yields an essential oil used for it's medicinal properties and insecticidal (insect killing) properties. The cedar of Lebanon has a fragrant resin that has been used since anent times: in incense, cosmetics, for embalming, and to treat leprosy and parasites. Today this oil (or actually the Atlas Cedar subspecies of this herb) are used for its pest repelling properties and is favored amongst aromatherapists to treat chronic anxiety, cystitis, skin problems, and bronchial issues. Cedar oil may inhibit the division of tumor cells.
Folklore: In ancient times, cedar from Lebanon was highly prized. In fact, the name Lebanon is derived from the Akkadian word "lubbunu", meaning incense. It was the most popular and widely used incense in Mesopotamian regions and by pre-contact Native Americans. The extravagant use of Lebanon Cedar in the building of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Solomon's Temple nearly caused the tree's extinction.
Magickal effects: Spirituality, self-control, visions
Magickal uses: Cedar wood chests are ideal for storing magical supplies (except herbs and essential oils). Atlas Cedar Wood (cedar atlantica) and Red Cedar Wood (juniperus virginiana) are the two main cedar wood oils available. They share very similar properties and so can be used with equal effectiveness in magical aromatherapy as well as in other magical rites that call for such ingredients. The fragrance of both wood and oil promotes spirituality, simply inhale the sweet antiseptic and calming scent before religious or spiritual rituals to deepen connection with deity or spirit. Cedar's scent is ideal in it's spiritual qualities for bringing ourselves into balance. This is a technique I (Tytus Lionheart) use often as I suffer from anxiety, stress, and high-blood pressure: Smell the aroma and visualize yourself as poised, calm and in control of your own life. I keep a small container of cedar to use for this very purpose, it honestly calms my tension and brings my mind, body and spirit into balance; Highly recommended (with usual medical treatment from your doctor) for those suffering from these ailments.
**WARNING: Pregnant women should NOT use cedar wood oil**
                                                          (Juniperus Virginiana)

Sources for herb of the month: Juniper 9/2012

  • "Smithsonian Handbooks: HERBS" by Lesley Bremness
  • "Magical Aromatherapy" by Scott Cunningham
  • "Pagan Magical Properties of Herbs" by DragonOak on

Check out more about Juniper at

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Long time no post *Updates and Changes*

Hello Sisters and Brothers of the magickal paths, its been a long while since I've contributed to the blog and for that I'm sorry. I have been very busy in my personal life, what with moving to Hollywood,CA and getting a new exciting job. But I have found enough stability in my life to continue my work here on Lion Heart.

*So first and foremost, instead of herbs and books "of the week", we shall now have herbs and books "of the month". This makes it easier on me to keep the blog updated without overwhelming myself. So keep an eye out for this months herb and book, which I will try my best to get it posted before Mabon.

*Which brings me to my next topic, the upcoming sabbat (Mabon, for those who havn't caught on yet), I will post factoids about the sabbat as usual along with a simple ritual to perform on the Autumnal Equinox (Mabon, again for you newbies). I don't post any sabbat ritual I do not perform myself so I wil attempt to have the post ready at least by the week of Mabon. For those who don't know, Mabon is on a Friday; 9/21/2012. Again sorry for the long absence but as my wise parents always say, "Life is what happens when you're making plans."

*Just one more thing, any suggestions and comments are greatly welcomed. I want to know what you, the readers (if there are any of you) want to know, learn or discuss. I myself am passionate about my religion, spirituality and magickal practice; so any way for me to extend that passion to another would be done so enthusiastically. Plus, if its a subject or topic I know little about, it gives me a chance to research and experiment something new; which benefits not only you the hopefully non-imaginary reader, but me as well in my personal occult training.

*That's all for now my Sisters and Brothers, I got a lot of work to get done for this blog, so if you'll excuse me, I got get back to cracking open spell books and resource material. Blessed Be <3