Friday, September 7, 2012

Long time no post *Updates and Changes*

Hello Sisters and Brothers of the magickal paths, its been a long while since I've contributed to the blog and for that I'm sorry. I have been very busy in my personal life, what with moving to Hollywood,CA and getting a new exciting job. But I have found enough stability in my life to continue my work here on Lion Heart.

*So first and foremost, instead of herbs and books "of the week", we shall now have herbs and books "of the month". This makes it easier on me to keep the blog updated without overwhelming myself. So keep an eye out for this months herb and book, which I will try my best to get it posted before Mabon.

*Which brings me to my next topic, the upcoming sabbat (Mabon, for those who havn't caught on yet), I will post factoids about the sabbat as usual along with a simple ritual to perform on the Autumnal Equinox (Mabon, again for you newbies). I don't post any sabbat ritual I do not perform myself so I wil attempt to have the post ready at least by the week of Mabon. For those who don't know, Mabon is on a Friday; 9/21/2012. Again sorry for the long absence but as my wise parents always say, "Life is what happens when you're making plans."

*Just one more thing, any suggestions and comments are greatly welcomed. I want to know what you, the readers (if there are any of you) want to know, learn or discuss. I myself am passionate about my religion, spirituality and magickal practice; so any way for me to extend that passion to another would be done so enthusiastically. Plus, if its a subject or topic I know little about, it gives me a chance to research and experiment something new; which benefits not only you the hopefully non-imaginary reader, but me as well in my personal occult training.

*That's all for now my Sisters and Brothers, I got a lot of work to get done for this blog, so if you'll excuse me, I got get back to cracking open spell books and resource material. Blessed Be <3

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