Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Coming Beltane Sabbat * Beltane Fires of Passion

A wonderful article I think will summerize the coming Beltane Sabbat!: Beltane Fires * Chalice E-Zine

 I will be posting the Outline of the Beltane Ritual the day before on the 29th, that I will be performing April 30th at sundown (the traditional start of Beltane) . It will be simple, but powerful and hopefully passionate like the coming Sabbat. To me Beltane is like Wiccan Valentine's Day, it's a time (if you are so blessed) to pay special attention to your lover or mate, if you are solo at this time then pay special attention to your close friends and family or even pay special attention to yourself, give yourself something nice; give it to your Higher-self during ritual. There is lots to be not only be passionate about but thankful for and these I feel are the key celebration points for Beltane; passion, pleasure and being thankful. This being the case, not only should we celebrate the Union of the Goddess and the God but we should be thankful for all that we are blessed with because of that Union. We should also be thankful for the Unions we have here on the physical plane Unions with: friends, family, lovers, animals, plants, places, Self, and careers. Whatever brings you pleasure take joy in it and be thankful for it, for doing so is a holy act:

"ye shall dance, sing, feast, make music and love, all in Her praise. For Hers is the ecstasy of the spirit, and Hers also is joy on earth; for Her law is love unto all beings. Keep pure your highest ideal; strive ever towards it; let naught stop you or turn you aside. For Hers is the secret door which opens upon the land of youth and Hers is the cup of wine of life, and the cauldron of Cerridwen, which is the Holy Grail of immortality. She is the gracious goddess, who gives the gift of joy unto the heart of man. Upon earth, She gave the knowledge of the spirit eternal; and beyond death, She gives peace and freedom, and reunion with those who have gone before. Nor does She demand sacrifice, for behold, She is the mother of all living, and Her love is poured out upon the earth." ---- Charge of The Goddess

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