Sunday, December 20, 2015

Daily Magickal Exercises

These are a set of energy exercises and meditations that I do daily to keep my magickal skills strong. They exercise such skills as visualization, energy manipulation, chakras, energy channeling, centering and grounding, meditation, etc. Once you practice the set a few times it should only take you about 10-15min each time to complete it. 

Centering and Grounding:
- A lot of people say “Ground and Center” when the actual process is in reverse. Why would you reach out to another power source before you have gathered your own? To Center yourself find a quiet place and a comfortable sitting position. Close your eyes, make sure your back is straight and breathe deeply and slowly. Focus on your breath and quiet your mind. Now focus on your place of power or energy center. Different people have different energy centers, most feel it is their Solar Chakra (located near the naval or diaphragm) which is where I normally focus. See a ball of bright yellow light shine within you where the naval/diaphragm is located. Visualize this yellow ball of light becoming a small Sun that pulls in all your loose unfocused energy. Breathe softly but deep. Now it is time to Ground. The simplest way is to visualize roots extending from your lower body into the Earth below, then visualize the “black” negative energy (tension, anxiety, stress, doubt) drain from you and be released into the Earth from your roots. The Earth is a strong energy source and will purify any negative energy it receives and recycle it in a positive way. Another way to ground is with what I call the Waterfall of Light, basically you visualize white cosmic light showering down on you washing away all “black” negativity from you, once cleared be sure to drain any remaining light that is within you. 

Going Deeper: 
- After you have Centered and Ground yourself you will now be able to enter a deeper meditative state. Visualize there is a screen within your mind. On the screen is the number 12, take a deep breathe in, exhale slowly and see the number count down to 11, continue this way until you reach 0. Then affirm silently in your mind “I am now in a deep meditative state.” (*note* when finished with your meditation be sure to count up from 1-12 and back to your normal consciousness.) 

Energizing the Chakras: 
-Visualize a white cord of light extend from the tip of your spine and root into the earth below, see this cord connect with the Heart of the Earth (the Earths core). Once connected pull the pure Earth energy (seen as either white, green or red in color), pull it up to your Root Chakra (seen at either the tip of the spine or at the anus), breathe in deep and see the Root Chakra shine into a brilliant circling ball of bright red light. Take another deep breathe and pull the Earth energy up to your Sacral/Stomach Chakra, I usually see it at the lower stomach area, see a bright ball of circling orange light. Take a deep breath and pull the Earth energy to your diaphragm which is your Solar Chakra, see a bright ball of circling yellow light blazing like a mini sun. Take a deep breath and pull the Earth energy up to the center of your chest, this is the Heart Chakra, see a bright ball of green light. Take a deep breath and pull the Earth energy up to your throat, this of course is the Throat Chakra, see a bright ball of blue light. Take a deep breath and pull the Earth energy up to the center of your forehead, between the eyes, this is the 3rd Eye Chakra, see a bright ball of purple light. Take a deep breath and pull up the Earth energy to the top of your head, this is the Crown Chakra, see a ball of bright white light. Take a deep breath and hold all seven balls of light as long as you can. When your concentration begins to wane, let the balls of light fade knowing they are charged. 

This is great to do right after energizing your chakras. Feel the aura around you and visualize it as a sphere surrounding your body like a force field. I like to visualize my shield as a diamond that takes in good energy but reflects harmful energy. Hold this visualization and say either out loud or silently this statement of intent or something similar, “I am protected from all harm on every level”, say that three times while visualizing your shield. Hold the visualization until your concentration begins to wane then let the image fade knowing that the shield is up and empowered. 

Earth Walking:
Simply go to a spot with natural surroundings like a backyard or park. At first it’s best to do this barefoot but once you get more comfortable you can do this with your shoes on. First feel your energy and aura within and around you then step onto the grass or earth area. Feel the energy of the Earth below you and try to “breathe through your feet”, basically you are pulling up Earth energy into your body from feet to head. This exercise will help you sense energy better and is a great way to learn how to channel energy as well. 

These are simple yet effective magical exercises that will enhance your skills and abilities. Practice them daily or at least 3 times a week. Be sure to record each session you have into a journal or magical diary. Have fun and happy training! 

Bright Blessing, 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Purification herbs other than sage

Here are some other purification herbs that you can burn as incense besides sage:

Clove- a powerful purification herb especially against harmful energy. Grind whole cloves with mortar and pestle, a little goes a long way.

Frankincense- always a classic, this herb will raise the vibrations of an area pushing out harmful energy.

Cinnamon- careful with this one as cinnamon also increases energy of a space, be sure to ground afterwards.

Bright Blessings,


Friday, December 18, 2015

My Current Altar Setup 12/18/15

An altar is a special space dedicated to spiritual workings. It is a reflection of the Universe, a microcosm of the macrocosm. You put your special magical items on the altar along with things that symbolize the spiritual forces you wish to infuse in your magic. Meditation, ritual and magic are all done with the altar and after some time the altar will begin to radiate the spiritual energy you put into it which will add to your magic. Altars can be simple like mine or they can be extravagant, it's really up to your own personal taste. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

7/21/15 Log: Basic Inner Temple Meditation

I have been practicing what I call the Basic Inner Temple Meditation from Christopher Penczak’s “Gay Witchcraft” (pg.60-61). I made a voice recording of the meditation and it really has helped. In the meditation there are stairs to walk down that leads to your inner temple. The stairs that appear to me are grey castle stone stairs that spiral downward like a tower stair way. It’s lit sometimes by candles along the wall, sometimes torches and other times it has a glowing purple hue that brightens the way. The stairs have always led me to a large castle like library with walls and shelves and bookcases filled with books of every type and kind. Where the stairs lead out to the left there is a long wooden dining room table with a huge fruit bowl in the middle over flowing with fruit. Past that there is a large ornate French window that opens out to a white slate stoned balcony that overlooks a breathe taking mountain view. To the right of the stairs there are a couple ornate wooden study desks and until recently there was just an ordinary window, but now it’s a glass and wood door that leads to a stone pathway on the immediate right is a stone pond with a water fall, to the immediate left is a garden and the path leads to an open field. Straight ahead of the stairs are about 3 or 4 rooms filled with book cases that reach the ceiling. In the far back is a brick fireplace with 2 large red leather chairs and a small black wooden side table between them. In the meditation you need to find a reflective service, mine is always a mirror that is to the right of the door that leads to the field. Sometimes the mirror is silver and other times it’s wooden but it is always full body and it’s always to the right of that door. I have recently gotten much better at actually seein myself in the mirror. When I see myself in the mirror I look just like how I look in the physical realm, I am always wearing what I am wearing in the physical or if skyclad the. I am also skyclad. I have successfully changed my skyclad astral self to be robed in fine black material. I’ve also changed my hair and face. A couple times when I looked in the mirror it was not my reflection but the reflection of a twenty something Renaissance girl, with long light brown hair in a renaissance style hair netting, her dress is white with some soft reds and she has green eyes like mine. When she appears she always smirks then instantly it changes to my physical appearance. I get a strong guy feeling that she is me from a past life, or at least that she is a part of my souls history somehow. I feel at peace and a great surge of euphoria when I’m in my Inner Temple. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

God Profile: The Horned One

Also called: Cerrnnunos, Herne, Pan

Attributes: Horn crown, mature male, usually depicted naked or in leather armor or religious robes, usually with spear in hand, depicted in or around woods or forest.

-The Horned One is a wild god, god of the hunt, king of all the wild and is also seen as a dark god, one that teaches the darker parts of nature and magick. However do not be fooled The Horned One is tough and strong but He is also gentle and kind, a father figure god. One that teaches through lessons and one that asks us to act through our spirituality rather than contemplate. With spear in hand He is a warrior god, defending not only nature but all Children of Creation to whom call out for His help. Cosmically He is the dark part of the divine masculine seen as the father, the warrior and the sage. The Horned One demands us to sacrifice who we are for who we want to be. He demands evolution through action. His elements are Earth and Fire. He is often seen in Wicca as the consort to the Moon Goddess.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Money Cornucopia Spell

(From ‘Cunningham’s Magical Sampler’)

•non-metallic, non-plastic bowl
•smaller non-metallic, non-plastic bowl/cup
•3 table spoons ground cinnamon
•3 table spoons ground cloves
*T.LH tweak: 1 lodestone, 1 part powdered dragon’s blood

-mix ground clove and cinnamon together in small bowl, use fingers to mix spices. As you do tense the muscles in your arm and shoulders as you chant 5xs: “Spices fragrant; Spices enfold; Bring me money, silver and gold.” Release your muscles on the last chant and feel the energy fill the spice mixture, add a pinch or so of powdered dragons blood for extra kick.
-hold lodestone in hands and chant 7xs while tensing your muscles: “Bring me money, silver and gold”, push energy into lodestone then place lodestone in larger bowl.
-add some coins or bills to the larger bowl then take a pinch of charged spice mixture and sprinkle over coins saying as you do, “Spices fragrant; Spices enfold; Being me money, silver and gold.”
-at least once a day (or more if you wish) for at least three weeks, add some coins or bills to the large bowl then sprinkle coins and bills with charged spice mixture saying the chant as you do.
-DO NOT SPEND COINS, until all the spice is used. Then fish out coins and bills and spend as you please. You can reuse the spice mixture by recharging it with the chant

Friday, March 7, 2014

Surviving Saturn 3/7/14

So it’s happened, I’ve been blasted by astrological forces. My life has been turned upside down and I’m sitting in a funk of the leftover pieces. My ass has been handed to me by the ‘Saturn Return’. Normally it happens at 27 but it can happen as early as 24, which is where I’m at. All of the things I didn’t accomplish in life, all the growth I was suppose to make, my life is falling apart because I failed. It hurt, I lost everything and almost lost the love of my life but praise Lord Hermes for keeping us together. Honestly if it wasn’t for Lord Hermes watching out for me I would be in an even bigger mess. 

When this all happened I became very sick and lethargic, I didn’t have the energy to do anything not even my magickal practice. It’s been a couple months since I even casted a spell (that failed by the way). All my work seemed to just slip from my psyche like I never learned it. My abilities became shot, I cant meditate like I use to, contacting animal spirits has become more challenging, my energy isn’t flowing like it use to, worse of all I don’t feel connected to the Divine like I once was. I feel disconnected and powerless. I don’t know what else to do except pick myself back up and start from scratch.

I still have the love of my life, my fiancĂ©, by my side and Lord Hermes watching over me. From here I can do anything. So I’m rebooting, going back to basics. I’m going to figure out what I need to accomplish to right what Saturn has destroyed. I am thankful to my family who has helped me pick up the pieces and who let me rest after the initial shock of the impact from Saturn. I feel different, in a good way, like I shed all that was holding me back before. I’m ready now, to make the appropriate changes in my life starting with my practice, as it is central in my daily life and beliefs. Maybe this time I will grow and accomplish what I must in this life. 

Wish me luck and strength,