Thursday, February 26, 2015

Money Cornucopia Spell

(From ‘Cunningham’s Magical Sampler’)

•non-metallic, non-plastic bowl
•smaller non-metallic, non-plastic bowl/cup
•3 table spoons ground cinnamon
•3 table spoons ground cloves
*T.LH tweak: 1 lodestone, 1 part powdered dragon’s blood

-mix ground clove and cinnamon together in small bowl, use fingers to mix spices. As you do tense the muscles in your arm and shoulders as you chant 5xs: “Spices fragrant; Spices enfold; Bring me money, silver and gold.” Release your muscles on the last chant and feel the energy fill the spice mixture, add a pinch or so of powdered dragons blood for extra kick.
-hold lodestone in hands and chant 7xs while tensing your muscles: “Bring me money, silver and gold”, push energy into lodestone then place lodestone in larger bowl.
-add some coins or bills to the larger bowl then take a pinch of charged spice mixture and sprinkle over coins saying as you do, “Spices fragrant; Spices enfold; Being me money, silver and gold.”
-at least once a day (or more if you wish) for at least three weeks, add some coins or bills to the large bowl then sprinkle coins and bills with charged spice mixture saying the chant as you do.
-DO NOT SPEND COINS, until all the spice is used. Then fish out coins and bills and spend as you please. You can reuse the spice mixture by recharging it with the chant

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