Friday, February 27, 2015

God Profile: The Horned One

Also called: Cerrnnunos, Herne, Pan

Attributes: Horn crown, mature male, usually depicted naked or in leather armor or religious robes, usually with spear in hand, depicted in or around woods or forest.

-The Horned One is a wild god, god of the hunt, king of all the wild and is also seen as a dark god, one that teaches the darker parts of nature and magick. However do not be fooled The Horned One is tough and strong but He is also gentle and kind, a father figure god. One that teaches through lessons and one that asks us to act through our spirituality rather than contemplate. With spear in hand He is a warrior god, defending not only nature but all Children of Creation to whom call out for His help. Cosmically He is the dark part of the divine masculine seen as the father, the warrior and the sage. The Horned One demands us to sacrifice who we are for who we want to be. He demands evolution through action. His elements are Earth and Fire. He is often seen in Wicca as the consort to the Moon Goddess.

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