Thursday, July 23, 2015

7/21/15 Log: Basic Inner Temple Meditation

I have been practicing what I call the Basic Inner Temple Meditation from Christopher Penczak’s “Gay Witchcraft” (pg.60-61). I made a voice recording of the meditation and it really has helped. In the meditation there are stairs to walk down that leads to your inner temple. The stairs that appear to me are grey castle stone stairs that spiral downward like a tower stair way. It’s lit sometimes by candles along the wall, sometimes torches and other times it has a glowing purple hue that brightens the way. The stairs have always led me to a large castle like library with walls and shelves and bookcases filled with books of every type and kind. Where the stairs lead out to the left there is a long wooden dining room table with a huge fruit bowl in the middle over flowing with fruit. Past that there is a large ornate French window that opens out to a white slate stoned balcony that overlooks a breathe taking mountain view. To the right of the stairs there are a couple ornate wooden study desks and until recently there was just an ordinary window, but now it’s a glass and wood door that leads to a stone pathway on the immediate right is a stone pond with a water fall, to the immediate left is a garden and the path leads to an open field. Straight ahead of the stairs are about 3 or 4 rooms filled with book cases that reach the ceiling. In the far back is a brick fireplace with 2 large red leather chairs and a small black wooden side table between them. In the meditation you need to find a reflective service, mine is always a mirror that is to the right of the door that leads to the field. Sometimes the mirror is silver and other times it’s wooden but it is always full body and it’s always to the right of that door. I have recently gotten much better at actually seein myself in the mirror. When I see myself in the mirror I look just like how I look in the physical realm, I am always wearing what I am wearing in the physical or if skyclad the. I am also skyclad. I have successfully changed my skyclad astral self to be robed in fine black material. I’ve also changed my hair and face. A couple times when I looked in the mirror it was not my reflection but the reflection of a twenty something Renaissance girl, with long light brown hair in a renaissance style hair netting, her dress is white with some soft reds and she has green eyes like mine. When she appears she always smirks then instantly it changes to my physical appearance. I get a strong guy feeling that she is me from a past life, or at least that she is a part of my souls history somehow. I feel at peace and a great surge of euphoria when I’m in my Inner Temple. 

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