Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Log 11/27/13

Animal Spirit Meditation:

 For the first time ever I used a voice recording of myself and went into a guided meditation to meet a spirit animal. To be honest I was just testing the recording out to see if it was effective, but I got a wonderful journey out of it. To my surprise I was visited by a Horse spirit, I was expecting to meet Fox again but Horse immediately came to my mind and appeared before me. It was a large white steed with light bright spots on its rear end with a blonde mane and tail. I asked if Horse was my totem, it shook its head no. I asked if it was a protector and it shook its head yes. I asked what its message was and a voice came to my mind, a strong cocky voice that said it was to teach me endurance, power and to show me what love is. I then started to change into a horse. My body was covered in dark chocolate brown hair and my mane and tail were black. I then realized that there were fences around the whole area and in fact these fences separated the horse spirit and myself. Where the horse spirit was free to roam in open limitlessness I was stuck in a limited fairly large place with oddly fenced off areas. It was time to end the meditation so i changed myself back into my original form and thanked the Horse spirit. I then exited the astral realm and climbed the astral steps back into my physical body.

 Wow, I really didn’t expect to be visited by Horse spirit. Its message wasn’t very clear but the fence thing sure was. Horse was shoeing me that I somehow have limited myself by fencing off parts of myself. Perhaps it wants to teach me the power to bust down the fences or to endure the strain of life, haha. I don’t get the “show you what love is” bit but Im sure Im gonna find out. I will have to question Horse again in the near future. 
On another subject its been six days since I started using the Mantra of Oneness and already I am feeling its benefits. I have more energy and it really helps me focus when I need to. I have gone deeper in the visualizations behind the verses. Now when I visualize the elements its like I become apart of their energy. Earth is cold and solid,dense. Air is fluttery, active and moving. Fire is consuming, hot and very active. Water is soothing, cool and receptive. The whole mantra itself has proven to be a great stress reliever, leaving me calm and collected afterwards. When I connect to the Universe, I drift into a mild trance and can feel myself being bathed in cosmic energy. 
On top of that I am now doing daily rune readings to get a feel of the energy surrounding me on a daily basis. Also I’ve added the middle pillar exercise to my daily regimen. Things have been productive lately. Im happy and moving forward in my practice. Im Loving every minute of it. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Log 11/23/13

Trying out an experiment with a mantra to be said during the 3 points of the day, waking, midday, and before sleep. I will do this for 28 days. Upon which a channel should then be set up based on the affirmations and visualizations in the mantra. Making it easier for me to access these energies. I call it the Mantra of Oneness, “I am one with the elements.” Then visualize the four elements, earth,air,fire,water. “I am one with myself.” Visualize the 7 major chakras and my aura. “I am one with the universe.” Visualize a spiral that is my symbol for universe. Besides that I am busy trying to put together my own Triangle of Manifestation. It will be a great project to undertake and can only work to enhance my spell craft. 
I am still putting together my Ritual B.o.S, I am rewriting some sabbat rituals and what not. Just another day being witchy haha.

Animal Spirit Meditation 11/20/13

After conducting the Qabalistic Cross and Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, I sat in Tailors Pose and began to still my mind. After getting into a meditative state I called up the stairs that take me to my Inner Sanctum. They appeared as before as torch lit, stone castle steps. I walked down them counting from 12 to 1. When I exited the staircase I was in a large beautiful library on a mountain top, my Inner Sanctum. I willed that the Fox spirit would be there and Fox appeared to me but was covered in black smoke. I could see the Fox’s head and tail but the rest if its body was covered in the smoke. I asked Fox what it meant by camouflage in our last visit. Fox told me it meant for me to step aside from the lime light and let others shine around me. I then asked how I can better detect deception and the Fox showed me in a visualization as it spoke that I can open my heart chakra while speaking with someone and know by the bad vibes if they are lying. My visualization became really unstable and my concentration waned so I thanked Fox and walked back if the stone stairs to my physical body.
It was a short session but it was a good session. Some if my questions were answered and I learned a mystical trick about how to detect deception. I will try again to meet Fox soon. For now I will try to apply what it has taught/ told me.

Log 11/18/13

"The more I know, the less I understand"
I have been so drained lately, But I’m chugging on as good as the next guy. Work is strenuous and even my magickal studies have been taken up a notch. I have yet to visit Fox again, I have so many questions since our last visit in my Inner Sanctum. Fox spirit told me its lesson was camouflage and to know when I am being deceived. Ive tried to be more low-key, I haven’t been out at all, instead I have been at home studying but being observant of my friends and home environment. I don’t know if Im doing what Fox came to teach but Im trying things out till I get to ask Fox to clarify what it means by camouflage. When I last saw Fox I asked how I would know if Im being deceived. Fox answered ” you will know it in your thoughts and in your being”. I have been trying to detect if people around me have been deceiving me. While I don’t believe that anyone is lying about anything terrible (I did notice when they embellished), it does force me to examine how the people around me speak and their mannerisms.
 Anyways I have still been putting togeter my Ritual Book of Shadows (b.o.s) and noticed I was missing some key components in my own ritual construction. Cakes and Wine, Drawing Down the Moon and others were missing from my book, so now Im working on getting them down for future use. Thats whats been up so far, just chuggin away at life. Happy though. “The journey is the destination” as the Taoists say.

Log 11/09/13

I am currently working on organizing my book of shadows (b.o.s). To do this I am making a separate book to carry General Rituals, Rites, Prayers and Sabbats/esbats as well as info on Gods and Goddesses and Animal Spirits. I will make another for spells, notes and recording experiences from spells, which will be copied from the composition books I use to keep track of my daily activities and workings. The older b.o.s that I have is to be broken down and used as a reference guide, separating the material as needed for the two newer b.o.s’. This is all easier said than done but the goal is worth the work. To have an organized reference book, a easy to access ritual book and an evolving spell book. This will deepen my experiences on my path and reinforce my faith in my abilities during times of spiritual crises, which I recently went through.
I am working through the foundation I have made and I am strengthening it so I may climb higher up my path. I am reexamining what I have already learned to get a better understanding. So far this process has been a marvelous exploit and I am enjoying the review of this information. I am learning the different levels of each occult subject, growing from beginner to intermediate levels and eventually to the advance stages of each subject. Things like advanced grounding techniques, bettering my abilities at sensing energy, and going to deeper levels in my meditations. All this and more has been keeping me focused, busy and diligent in my Wicca/occult studies.

Spirit Animal Meditation Part 3: message received

After performing the qabalistic cross ritual along with the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, i laid in bed and calmed my mind and body with a relaxation exercise. I then visualized a staircase, it appeared to me as a stone staircase like in a castle tower, the stair case was lit by flaming torches. I walked down the stairs counting from 12 to 1 and once i exited the staircase i was in my place of power, which normally appears to me as a gigantic library on a mountain top. In my place of power i willed to meet Fox spirit, who appeared before me. I asked the spirit what message it had for me and the spirit spoke with its mouth like a human and said its message was camouflage and to teach me when i am being deceived. I asked how i will know i am being deceived and it said i will feel it in my being and know it in my thoughts. I asked if Fox was my totem and it shook its head, no. I asked if it was a protector and it shook its head, yes. I asked when i can contact Fox and it told me i can call on it whenever i need its help. The Fox was red, black and white; it was large, standing in height with my torso, its voice was kind, its energy friendly and its demeanor was that of a wise creature. I thanked the Fox and bowed to it, then i turned to the stone staircase and walked up it counting from 1 to 12 as i did and returned to my physical body. I immediately wrote down the whole experience in my magickal journal.
This was an amazing experience, i let my subconscious go and Fox finally appeared to me in a stable visualization and actually answered my questions. Obviously doing the qabalistic cross and LBRP before the meditation helped tremendously, and now I have fox’s message to me. I know now that Fox is a protector and has come to teach me camouflage and how to detect deception. Both very useful skills and abilities. I am very happy with this experience, I learned a lot and can grow from here.

Spirit Animal Meditation Part 2: Fox Research

After meeting Fox spirit in a meditation I have been looking into the lore behind this interesting creature. According to many sources, Fox is a trickster and brings all the cunning qualities to bear as I have found out trying to work with this spirit. Fox has a symbolic link to mental responsiveness, and I am currently being challenged in my meditations by this Fox spirit. Ever since our first encounter my visualization during the meditation has been unstable as if I am being blocked from “seeing” the session with Fox. Yet I knew Fox’s presence was there and it wanted to go on a journey however I could not see clearly and only got glimpses of the Fox spirit. I realized later after talking with a friend and mentor that Fox plays tricks and was perhaps challenging me to sharpen my abilities. Also this Fox in particular has larger ears than a normal fox would have, there is a clue there and obviously my first thought is a need to listen more. Fox energy works a lot with camouflage and observing one’s environment, to step out of the limelight and become silent and unseen. This is a challenge for me, being the loud mouth attention loving Leo that I am, but I have come to understand that stepping out of the limelight also means not getting caught up in my own thoughts and worries. I need to be more aware of what is going on around me, especially with the people who are closest to me. Anyways, Fox seems to have connections with magick, dream work, the night, and guiding the souls of the dead. It is said to be a great teacher and guide, so I am honored that such a fascinating spirit has come my way to lend me some wisdom. I am excited to continue working with this spirit. 
 More to come 💖 
 Blessed be, Tytus Lionheart 

“Gay Witchcraft” by Christopher Penczak by Elena Harris 

 If anyone has any other sources on working with animal spirits or working with Fox spirit specifically please feel free to share. 

Spirit Animal Meditation Part 1

After casting a circle I began to meditate, grounding my energy and going deep within myself. I visualized a staircase before me and walked down 12 steps counting down from 12 to 1 as I did. When I exited the staircase I was in my place of power. Waiting for me was a fox, a slinky red and black fox with a cunning smile. I asked the fox what message it had for me. The fox seemed to be tryin to speak to me but I could not understand it. The fox began to take me on a journey but my visualization began to break up as there was too much noise going on in my house from my roommates. I apologized to the fox and promised I would return. I walked to the staircase and began to climb up it counting up from 1 to 12 when I returned to my physical body I grounded my energy.
This is not the first time I have done this meditation, I first met my totem, Lion and another of my guides Cat while doing this meditation. This is the first time I came across Fox, and I believe Fox has an important message for me. I actually dont know very much about foxes nor do I know of their mystical attributes. I will do some studying on Fox and see what I can find, I am also preparing to meet Fox again, this time I will do it at what is commonly known as “dead time”, which is around 3am when the psychic frequency is low (and when my roommates are asleep lol). I will conduct the ritual in a circle again to better focus my mind. After I have made an accurate bond I will no longer use the circle but do a quick shielding before each meditation. 
If anyone has any info on working with Fox spirit please feel free to share. Pointers on keeping a stable visualization would be appreciated as well. 

Blessed Be,

Tytus Lionheart