Sunday, November 24, 2013

Log 11/23/13

Trying out an experiment with a mantra to be said during the 3 points of the day, waking, midday, and before sleep. I will do this for 28 days. Upon which a channel should then be set up based on the affirmations and visualizations in the mantra. Making it easier for me to access these energies. I call it the Mantra of Oneness, “I am one with the elements.” Then visualize the four elements, earth,air,fire,water. “I am one with myself.” Visualize the 7 major chakras and my aura. “I am one with the universe.” Visualize a spiral that is my symbol for universe. Besides that I am busy trying to put together my own Triangle of Manifestation. It will be a great project to undertake and can only work to enhance my spell craft. 
I am still putting together my Ritual B.o.S, I am rewriting some sabbat rituals and what not. Just another day being witchy haha.

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