Sunday, November 24, 2013

Animal Spirit Meditation 11/20/13

After conducting the Qabalistic Cross and Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, I sat in Tailors Pose and began to still my mind. After getting into a meditative state I called up the stairs that take me to my Inner Sanctum. They appeared as before as torch lit, stone castle steps. I walked down them counting from 12 to 1. When I exited the staircase I was in a large beautiful library on a mountain top, my Inner Sanctum. I willed that the Fox spirit would be there and Fox appeared to me but was covered in black smoke. I could see the Fox’s head and tail but the rest if its body was covered in the smoke. I asked Fox what it meant by camouflage in our last visit. Fox told me it meant for me to step aside from the lime light and let others shine around me. I then asked how I can better detect deception and the Fox showed me in a visualization as it spoke that I can open my heart chakra while speaking with someone and know by the bad vibes if they are lying. My visualization became really unstable and my concentration waned so I thanked Fox and walked back if the stone stairs to my physical body.
It was a short session but it was a good session. Some if my questions were answered and I learned a mystical trick about how to detect deception. I will try again to meet Fox soon. For now I will try to apply what it has taught/ told me.

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