Sunday, November 24, 2013

Log 11/18/13

"The more I know, the less I understand"
I have been so drained lately, But I’m chugging on as good as the next guy. Work is strenuous and even my magickal studies have been taken up a notch. I have yet to visit Fox again, I have so many questions since our last visit in my Inner Sanctum. Fox spirit told me its lesson was camouflage and to know when I am being deceived. Ive tried to be more low-key, I haven’t been out at all, instead I have been at home studying but being observant of my friends and home environment. I don’t know if Im doing what Fox came to teach but Im trying things out till I get to ask Fox to clarify what it means by camouflage. When I last saw Fox I asked how I would know if Im being deceived. Fox answered ” you will know it in your thoughts and in your being”. I have been trying to detect if people around me have been deceiving me. While I don’t believe that anyone is lying about anything terrible (I did notice when they embellished), it does force me to examine how the people around me speak and their mannerisms.
 Anyways I have still been putting togeter my Ritual Book of Shadows (b.o.s) and noticed I was missing some key components in my own ritual construction. Cakes and Wine, Drawing Down the Moon and others were missing from my book, so now Im working on getting them down for future use. Thats whats been up so far, just chuggin away at life. Happy though. “The journey is the destination” as the Taoists say.

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