Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spirit Animal Meditation Part 2: Fox Research

After meeting Fox spirit in a meditation I have been looking into the lore behind this interesting creature. According to many sources, Fox is a trickster and brings all the cunning qualities to bear as I have found out trying to work with this spirit. Fox has a symbolic link to mental responsiveness, and I am currently being challenged in my meditations by this Fox spirit. Ever since our first encounter my visualization during the meditation has been unstable as if I am being blocked from “seeing” the session with Fox. Yet I knew Fox’s presence was there and it wanted to go on a journey however I could not see clearly and only got glimpses of the Fox spirit. I realized later after talking with a friend and mentor that Fox plays tricks and was perhaps challenging me to sharpen my abilities. Also this Fox in particular has larger ears than a normal fox would have, there is a clue there and obviously my first thought is a need to listen more. Fox energy works a lot with camouflage and observing one’s environment, to step out of the limelight and become silent and unseen. This is a challenge for me, being the loud mouth attention loving Leo that I am, but I have come to understand that stepping out of the limelight also means not getting caught up in my own thoughts and worries. I need to be more aware of what is going on around me, especially with the people who are closest to me. Anyways, Fox seems to have connections with magick, dream work, the night, and guiding the souls of the dead. It is said to be a great teacher and guide, so I am honored that such a fascinating spirit has come my way to lend me some wisdom. I am excited to continue working with this spirit. 
 More to come 💖 
 Blessed be, Tytus Lionheart 

“Gay Witchcraft” by Christopher Penczak by Elena Harris 

 If anyone has any other sources on working with animal spirits or working with Fox spirit specifically please feel free to share. 

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