Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spirit Animal Meditation Part 1

After casting a circle I began to meditate, grounding my energy and going deep within myself. I visualized a staircase before me and walked down 12 steps counting down from 12 to 1 as I did. When I exited the staircase I was in my place of power. Waiting for me was a fox, a slinky red and black fox with a cunning smile. I asked the fox what message it had for me. The fox seemed to be tryin to speak to me but I could not understand it. The fox began to take me on a journey but my visualization began to break up as there was too much noise going on in my house from my roommates. I apologized to the fox and promised I would return. I walked to the staircase and began to climb up it counting up from 1 to 12 when I returned to my physical body I grounded my energy.
This is not the first time I have done this meditation, I first met my totem, Lion and another of my guides Cat while doing this meditation. This is the first time I came across Fox, and I believe Fox has an important message for me. I actually dont know very much about foxes nor do I know of their mystical attributes. I will do some studying on Fox and see what I can find, I am also preparing to meet Fox again, this time I will do it at what is commonly known as “dead time”, which is around 3am when the psychic frequency is low (and when my roommates are asleep lol). I will conduct the ritual in a circle again to better focus my mind. After I have made an accurate bond I will no longer use the circle but do a quick shielding before each meditation. 
If anyone has any info on working with Fox spirit please feel free to share. Pointers on keeping a stable visualization would be appreciated as well. 

Blessed Be,

Tytus Lionheart

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