Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Log 11/27/13

Animal Spirit Meditation:

 For the first time ever I used a voice recording of myself and went into a guided meditation to meet a spirit animal. To be honest I was just testing the recording out to see if it was effective, but I got a wonderful journey out of it. To my surprise I was visited by a Horse spirit, I was expecting to meet Fox again but Horse immediately came to my mind and appeared before me. It was a large white steed with light bright spots on its rear end with a blonde mane and tail. I asked if Horse was my totem, it shook its head no. I asked if it was a protector and it shook its head yes. I asked what its message was and a voice came to my mind, a strong cocky voice that said it was to teach me endurance, power and to show me what love is. I then started to change into a horse. My body was covered in dark chocolate brown hair and my mane and tail were black. I then realized that there were fences around the whole area and in fact these fences separated the horse spirit and myself. Where the horse spirit was free to roam in open limitlessness I was stuck in a limited fairly large place with oddly fenced off areas. It was time to end the meditation so i changed myself back into my original form and thanked the Horse spirit. I then exited the astral realm and climbed the astral steps back into my physical body.

 Wow, I really didn’t expect to be visited by Horse spirit. Its message wasn’t very clear but the fence thing sure was. Horse was shoeing me that I somehow have limited myself by fencing off parts of myself. Perhaps it wants to teach me the power to bust down the fences or to endure the strain of life, haha. I don’t get the “show you what love is” bit but Im sure Im gonna find out. I will have to question Horse again in the near future. 
On another subject its been six days since I started using the Mantra of Oneness and already I am feeling its benefits. I have more energy and it really helps me focus when I need to. I have gone deeper in the visualizations behind the verses. Now when I visualize the elements its like I become apart of their energy. Earth is cold and solid,dense. Air is fluttery, active and moving. Fire is consuming, hot and very active. Water is soothing, cool and receptive. The whole mantra itself has proven to be a great stress reliever, leaving me calm and collected afterwards. When I connect to the Universe, I drift into a mild trance and can feel myself being bathed in cosmic energy. 
On top of that I am now doing daily rune readings to get a feel of the energy surrounding me on a daily basis. Also I’ve added the middle pillar exercise to my daily regimen. Things have been productive lately. Im happy and moving forward in my practice. Im Loving every minute of it. 

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