Sunday, November 24, 2013

Log 11/09/13

I am currently working on organizing my book of shadows (b.o.s). To do this I am making a separate book to carry General Rituals, Rites, Prayers and Sabbats/esbats as well as info on Gods and Goddesses and Animal Spirits. I will make another for spells, notes and recording experiences from spells, which will be copied from the composition books I use to keep track of my daily activities and workings. The older b.o.s that I have is to be broken down and used as a reference guide, separating the material as needed for the two newer b.o.s’. This is all easier said than done but the goal is worth the work. To have an organized reference book, a easy to access ritual book and an evolving spell book. This will deepen my experiences on my path and reinforce my faith in my abilities during times of spiritual crises, which I recently went through.
I am working through the foundation I have made and I am strengthening it so I may climb higher up my path. I am reexamining what I have already learned to get a better understanding. So far this process has been a marvelous exploit and I am enjoying the review of this information. I am learning the different levels of each occult subject, growing from beginner to intermediate levels and eventually to the advance stages of each subject. Things like advanced grounding techniques, bettering my abilities at sensing energy, and going to deeper levels in my meditations. All this and more has been keeping me focused, busy and diligent in my Wicca/occult studies.

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