Sunday, September 30, 2012

Healing Light Candle by Tytus Lionheart

Here is a spell of my own creation (straight out of my own Book of Shadows) that is tried and true. The effects seem to work quickly; eases pain, controls nausea, calms restlessness due to sickness and aids in the healing process. I have had amazing results with this spell when I used it to ease my fiance's healing after chemothrapy; it truley took away his pain so he could sleep peacefully after each treatment.

1 blue candle and candle holder (4 inch spell candles work best)
Lavender oil (can substitute with oilve oil)
Sea salt (can sub for regular table salt)
Water and dish
Rose Petals (fresh or dried)
Small bowl (for vervain and rose petal mixture)
Carving tool (athame or toothpick)

To begin: Consecrate salt by holding it in your hands. Build personal power by tensing all your muscles while visualizing that you are generating white pure energy. Focus this energy into a shining white sphere around your hands and "push" that light into the salt within your hands, say as you do"I bless thee O' creature of Earth, I charge thee to purify and banish all negativity." Once the salt is consecrated (or enchanted if you will), sprinkle it into the bowl of fresh water, visualizing a sphere of light around the water bowl and say, "I bless thee O creature of Water, I charge thee to purify and banish all negativity. You have just created holy water.

Now sprinkle the holy water over the work space (a bed, or comfortable laying mat is ideal for this working). Anoint yourself and the person being healed (if you are casting this spell for yourself then only anoint yourself). To anoint, dab your pointer and middle finger into the holy water and trace of pentacle on forehead, also lightly sprinkle affected area if needed.

Anoint or dress the candle with holy water while saying, " I banish all impurities that may reside within this candle." Anoint the candle again with lavender oil while visualizing the person as healthy and being healed by the candles light say, "Sweet magickal Lavender, release your healing vibrations as this candle burns."

Very carfully, and while focusing on your intent inscribe a pentacle as best you can into the candle while chanting, "Pentacle of healing, pentacle of life, give power to the healing light." Once the inscription is done hold the candle between both hands and strongly visualize you or the recepiant as being relaxed, and fully healed of all your/their symptoms. Place the enchanted candle in it's holder.

Take a handful or so of Vervain and hold between your hands. Again visualize either you or the recipient in perfect health, see all symptoms of the affliction lifted from yourself or the other person. Say, "Vervain of power, aid this spell in conducting healing energy." Tense your muscles while focuing on this intent, see blue healing energy rise from your body. Focus this energy to your hands and again "push" this energy into the herb.
Use this same process for the rose petals, empowering them with peace, love and healing, say "Rose of love, rose of peace lend your power and give release."

Mix the vervain and the rose petals, then sprinkle them clockwise around the candle still holding your visualization in mind. Now stand and place hands over entire spell setup and further empower the arrangement with strong energy and visualization. Remember to direct the energy towards the spell setup, say, "As this candle burns so too does the affliction and bane of all that bathes within its light. Heal, soothe and repair! As I do will, with harm to none, so mote it be!" Light the candle.

Let the receipiant (or yourself) lay down in the anointed space and rest within the candles light to gain the benefits of its healing energy. The spell is ended.

You can let the candle burn out or snuff it out with a blade or your licked fingers (never blow out magickal candles, it is ill luck and an affront to the spirit of Fire) and save it for another spell of this type. **Note** only do one spell per candle. For candle magick of another type use a different candle.

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