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Elemental Magick

Elemental Magick
By: Tytus Lionheart

  The four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air, are believed to be the building blocks of creation and all that exists are believed to be composed of the four elements within them. This should not be taken literally but rather it has always been understood that elements refer not to the physical substance of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, but to the qualities represented by them. When our ancestors claimed that all of creation is made of the four elements, they were using them as a way of describing the different states of matter, like in physics: air is gas, water is liquid, earth is solids and fire representing the only other thing something can be besides matter which is energy. Magickally the qualities of the elements have numerous correspondences:

Spiritual Context:                        
incense, feathers, fans
Thought, logic, speech,
candles, matches, charcoal
Motivation, activity, aggression
water, shells, coral
Feelings, sensitivity, visionary reflection
soil, salt, stones
Fixed form, tenacity, perseverance. Everything described as solid and tangible.


The elements represent or describe fundamental principles but it’s important to always remember that within magickal tradition, they always interact with one another in close conjunction. This meaning that no single phenomenon in the entire universe is the embodiment of one single element. Everything is composed of a combination of all elements together in varying amounts.

The correspondences chart is a useful tool for magick, the philosophy behind these ideas is the theory and practice of “sympathetic magick”. Sympathetic magick can be summarized as “like attracts like”, which also ties into the ancient axiom, “As Above, So Below”, that is, the Universe is reflected in each of its smaller parts and vice versa. So then using an object that corresponds to air, taps into the powers of air and attunes your spell to the qualities of air energy.

Attuning to these energies is a large part of the teachings of Wicca. The idea is that each of the elements has a quality that can be absorbed into your being bringing you into balance with the elements and thus with Nature and the Universe, a main goal for many Wiccans.

We connect to the elements by opening our senses to them:

Elemental Meditations:

 These meditations will help you open your being to the spiritual essence of the elements, these meditations act, a) as a way to connect to the energy of each element so that you can utilize the powers of the elements in your magick b) as a means of forming a bond with the elements absorbing their teachings and attuning ourselves to their energy and thus to Nature or the Universe.

Air Meditation:

Sit in a comfortable position, it is best to be outside, try choosing a space where you will not be disturbed. Ground your energy. Close your eyes and take three big slow breathes on your third breath visualize the air your are breathing in to be yellow, filling you with yellow light, when you blow out, you blow out negativity seen as black smoke leaving your body through your breath. Continue to do this until you’re completely filled with yellow light. Now slow your beathing and see the yellow light shine within you, know that the air you breathe is the same air that was in Ancient Egypt, Greece, the Neolithic age and in modern France as well as the whole world. Air connects us all and gives all things life. It is through sound waves in the air that we are able to communicate be it through speech or electronics such as computers and cell phones. Ponder on all of this then when you have finished connecting to the element of air ground the yellow energy into the earth and release any excess energy. Be sure to record your experiences in a journal used for spells and meditations.


Fire Meditation:

Sit in a comfortable position, it is best to be in side during this ritual, choose a space where you will not be disturbed. Light a red candle and Ground your energy. Gaze at the flame (you may have to look past the flame if your eyes are sensitive) See the flame expanding outwards all around you, the fire in surrounding you and you begin to glow a red light. See your whole self as surrounded in a sphere of fire and you are absorbing its energy into a red light glowing from within you until you are filled with the red light from head to toe. Feel the heat of the fire all around you, Fire is the spark of life, the energy force that animates life. Fire is our Will, our desire, our energy it is a strong force of change burning away the old to make room for the new, bring this quality into you. Once you have connected with the element of fire, ground the red light into the earth, dissipate the fire sphere visualization and release all excess energy. Snuff out the flame of the candle, DO NOT BLOW IT OUT! This is an affront to the element of fire, only snuff out the candle. Be sure to record your experiences in a journal used for spells and meditations.

Water Meditation:

Sit comfortable in a space where you will not be disturbed. Have a glass of fresh water with you.  Ground your energy. Visualize the water is shining a bright blue light, the light surrounds the glass of water in a sphere of blue. Lift the glass and drink the water, all of it, seeing yourself being filled with the blue light from head to toe. The water you drink is the same water that the ancients drank, that our ancestors cross over to come to a new world, that sustains life all over the world. The Earth is mostly made of water, water is within our bodies, it is within every part of life. It cleanses us, washes away all the filth allowing use to be refreshed and clean. Ponder on this and once you have connected to the element of water ground the blue energy into the earth and release all excess energy. Wash the glass, seeing white light washing over the glass, say “I cleanse you”. Be sure to record your experiences in a journal used for spells and meditations.


Earth Meditation:

This is best done outside on a path of green or dirt. Choose a space where you will not be disturbed.  Ground you energy. Take three deep breathes and then focus on the ground beneath you, feel its stability, its solidity, this is the world to which you were born. Visualize green energy coming up from the earth and entering into you from toes to head. Once filled with the green energy, feel the strength of your muscle, visualize the bones beneath them, your bones will be here long after your flesh has rotted away, push this green light into your bones. You are now filled with the strength of the earth. The earth is persistent, strong and wise, take in those qualities within yourself. Once you have connected with the element of earth, ground your energy. Be sure to record your experiences in a journal used for spells and meditations.

 Elemental Spells:

Once we understand the energy of each element we can implement their power into our magick by calling onto the element during the spell. Thus Elemental magick utilizes…well…the elements of course!

Air Spell:

A General Air Spell

 Ground your energy.  Take a Sharpie or marker and go for a walk, preferably and most desirably on a windy day. During this walk acquire a large fallen leaf, the drier the better as it will fly easier. Draw a symbol or write a phrase that represents your desire for example a spell to help in quitting smoking might have a picture of a cigarette with a slash through it in red ink or the phrase “I Will smoking out of my life” or even “Banish Smoking”, be sure to be focusing on your goal while your write the symbol or phrase.  At this point I would like to give a tip when it comes to the wording of incantations or magical phrases, you should not use negative connotations in your formula such as, “It is my Will to NOT…” because very often the unconscious tends neither to recognize nor understand this “not”, and you might end up getting the opposite result than that which you originally desired. So that said lets move on, with your leaf and its symbol/phrase drawn on it visualize the leaf surrounded by yellow light. Focus on you desire while envisioning this yellow light around the leaf and shape it into a sphere surrounding the leaf. Now find a hill in a windy spot and look towards the sky at the edge of the hill still visualizing your leaf surrounded by a yellow sphere and focusing on your intent say aloud: “To the powers of Air I summon you, be here with me! I call upon your aid in my work, grant me your power!” See the leaf turning a brighter yellow and hold it up to the sky say aloud your desire, in keeping with our example you may say something like, “I Will smoking out of my life!” Now release the leaf to the winds, the spell is done. You can take a moment to ground then go about your business confident your spell has been cast and is already beginning to manifest.  Be sure to record your experiences in a journal used for spells and meditations.

Fire Spell:

A General Fire Spell

 Ground your energy. Have a source of fire ready and available such as a bonfire, fire place or candle. As in the Air Spell we shall write down our desire as a symbol or phrase but this time using paper. The charging should this time have red light visualized as a sphere around the paper focusing hard on your intent. Now while visualizing the red light and focusing on your intent say your desire out loud then throw the paper into the flames, release the energy. If you are using a candle be sure to have a heat proof container ready for the burning paper. The spell is done. End the session and ground your energy. Be sure to record your experiences in a journal used for spells and meditations.

Water Spell:

A Water Divination

This is best performed on a full to new moon; the moon itself corresponds to the element of water. Ground your energy. On a clear night take a bowl of fresh water to a place where it can reflect the moons light, concentrate hard and see the middle of your forehead, where your Third Eye Chakra is, as glowing purple or dark blue sphere in the center of your forehead, know your psychic self is open and become aware. Gaze into the bowl and let your intuition flow. Focus on your question, if you have one you will have an answer. Or just be open to things to come, some inner path workings. Pictures or thoughts may enter, write them down and interpret what you saw. You are the best judge of what symbols or thoughts came to you since they are your thoughts. So trust your own intuition first before that of others. Whatever your psychic endeavors are, the element of water can assist and even boost your practice. When done ground your energy. Be sure to record your experiences in a journal used for spells and meditations.


Earth Spell:

A Stone Spell
Stones have long been used in magick as they are a direct link to the powers of the earth. Stones, and indeed all things, have a vibrational frequency that can be read and used in magick. In order to read the vibrational frequency of a stone hold it in your writing hand, feel its texture, its temperature, its weight. Hold the stone tightly then loosely in the middle of your palm, you should feel a slightly pulsating in your palm and fingers. If the pulse is strong and fast this is a “high” vibrational stone. If it is subtle and slow this is a “low” vibrational stone. Now you can use them in magick, High vibration stones distribute energy quickly and should be used in magick that either send out a need or bring them to you. Low vibrational stones are great for grounding and protection as they distribute energy slowly and over time. Charge the stone with your magickal intent seeing the stone surrounded by a sphere of green light, say a loud your intent and visualize it strongly while holding the stone in your writing hand and staring intently at it.  Once charged you can add the stone to a mojo bag and carry it with you, or you can bury it near your home (this is especially useful for protection spells). Ground your energy afterwards. Be sure to record your experiences in a journal used for spells and meditations.

 So then these are the elements used in Wicca and magick. You can see how the elemental system is useful to magickal workings and spiritual betterment, opening ourselves to the magick and power of the elements can be rewarding on many levels. I urge readers to look more into Elemental Magick, for new seekers I usually refer them to the works of Scott Cunningham. His elemental spell books are very helpful and easy to follow, “Earth Power” and its sequel “Earth, Air, Fire and Water”. Keep practicing and studying, “the journey is the goal” as the Taoists say.

Blessed Be,



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