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Higher Self and Spirit Allies: The Ritual of the Genius/Juno

"The Higher Self is the part of you that lies above your conscious mind. It has access to knowledge and abilities that your conscious self does not, and it is not troubled by the fears and anxieties of the material world. Higher Self is an aspect of your soul, which is immortal and experiences many lifetimes. Higher Self is not a separate part of yourself, but rather a different level. The Higher Self is the part of you that becomes an Ancestor or a Spirit Guide after death, and it has that same ability now. It has knowledge and ability far beyond the conscious self, and it works always for the good -that is its nature and it cannot do otherwise, not because it is prevented from doing so but simply because it would never occur it the Higher Self to do ill." (from Witch School First Degree)

"The ancient Romans called the Higher Self the GENIUS (masculine.) or JUNO (feminine.). They considered the Genius-Juno to be the Divine part of each individual. Every person was encouraged to be in touch with the Genius-Juno and to move in sync with it." (from Witch School First Degree)


You will need:

 *some incense (any kind that you particularly like)

*a candle or candles. Your favorite color or any color   you like.

*a glass of water, juice, wine, or other beverage.

*a picture to represent your Higher Self. It can be a      photograph or drawing of your self, or a drawing             representing the qualities of your Higher Self.


            Set up an ALTAR using these elements. The altar can be anywhere that you would like, and will be

taken down when you are done (or left up to use again, if you wish). You can set it up any way that seems good to you.


            Begin by Releasing. Let all of the tensions and anxieties of your day flow out of you, as is discussed in the EXERCISES section of this lesson.


            Now light the candle(s). Focus on the flame and concentrate. Make your mind still, so that you are not thinking of anything else but what you are doing here and now.


            Light the incense.


            Now say;


          I invoke You, O Higher Self.”


            Now try to imagine the image of your Higher Self before you. You can imagine It looking just as you look in the flesh, or as you would like to look, or might see It as a cloud of beautiful white light. Or some other image may come to you -one that you haven’t thought of yourself, but which the Higher Self Itself has chosen. It doesn’t really matter because the Higher Self doesn’t have a physical form, and the image is only to help you communicate with It better, by giving you something to focus on.


            Speak to the Higher Self. These words are only to give you a basic form; you should speak from the heart.


          I attune to my Higher Self. I move in harmony with my Higher Self. I am at one with my Higher Self. Oh Higher Self, I ask You to help me to see and understand the lessons of my life, give me clarity and courage to learn them, and help me to learn them with ease and joy. I rededicate my self to the purposes for which I entered this life and ask You to guide me through them.*”


            Lift up the glass. Imagine a bright white light shining from it, as though it were glowing.


          O Higher Self, I offer You this glass in token of the love I bear You.”


            Now drink the liquid. Imagine the white light entering you along with the liquid -spreading out through your chest and giving you a pleasant warmth.

            Put the glass back on the altar.


            Now take a few minutes and meditate while the candles and incense burn, and the offering stands. Imagine your Higher Self strong and healthy and happy. Concentrate on It. In this way you are sending the Higher Self energy and strengthening your bond to your It.

            When you have finished, say;


          O Higher Self, I pray that You have enjoyed this offering. I give you my thanks and my love.”


            Now put out the incense and extinguish the candle. It is an ancient belief that you should never extinguish a candle by blowing on it -Rather you should use a candle snuffer, pinch it out with your fingers, or extinguish it with the side of a blade. This is because blowing on the flame is considered disrespectful.

            You should also wash the glass under cold running water and imagine white light flowing through it along with the water. Say;


          I cleanse you,”


            Concentrate on the water and white light removing all excess energy from the glass.


*You can also use this invocation by itself, anytime you feel a need to attune to the Higher Self. --- (From Witch School First Degree)
Lately I have been working a lot with my Higher self, I didn't use to do things like this but it was a part of a training lesson for my first degree priesthood. I made contact with my Higher self through an invocation ritual where my Higher self presented itself to me. I always had a familiar bond with cats and I have been fascinated by lions specifically, since I was a child. I always knew my spirit ally would be a lion, but I was not expecting this: my Higher self appeared to me as a lion with a mane of fire, two long horns and large angelic wings. I was not afraid when the lion roared, I knew it was only displaying its power. I held up a medallion of a lions head and told my Higher self that this was to be my link to it. Every time I wear the medallion I feel the presence of my Higher self. We've been working together for about 2 months now. I have discovered that I don't need the medallion to communicate with my Higher self, I can contact him through my solar chakra. I also discovered what my Higher self wants to be called, he told me telepathically he wants the name Lyon (LEE-on), We both thought the spelling with the "y" was fancy. He is friendly and likes to play, he is also very powerful as he has shown me more than once. When I call on Lyon he appears to me usually on my right side and we have merged effortlessly during my "shamanic walks" or journeys through out the city practicing my auric and astral viewing powers, with Lyon my astral and auric viewing are intensified, my sense of smell increases when we merge and my actions become quick, strong and very catlike. Lyon protects me, I know that's why he made contact with me was to start protecting me, I think from other spiritual entities.we haven't been working with one another long but I already feel like we've been together my whole life. We are great friends now, I call on Lyon for help in magical training and workings, I call on him for protection and I call on him just to have a friendly presence by me when I get those feelings of loneliness. Lyons presence in my life is a message from Spirit, this I know, but for what I still haven't Figured out.Lyon and I are still discovering each other, or more Like I am discovering him.

Drawing of my Higher self used in ritual

As I started working with Lyon I started wondering about other spirits and consulted my divination stones to see if there were other spirit allies willing to work with me, I asked for an animal totem to make a sign, that night I saw a neighborhood cat my fiancé and I call O'maley the alley cat, right outside my door, O'maley has never come to this part of the hood, he walked right up to me, put a paw on my leg and stared into my eyes, I then said "ok, I get it." And that's how I understood that Cat spirit is one of my guides. I haven't worked with Cat much. I mostly work with Lyon but cat does help me in many ways too.
Through the ritual of the Genius/Juno, you can meet an important magickal ally in your pursuit for self transformation, power and enlightenment. The Higher Self will always be there to aid us and protect us and some believe it will be there long after we are dead to continue our souls journey to the Goddess.

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