Sunday, March 24, 2013

Queen of Heaven

Hail to the pale moon light, whose love shines down on all us wretched beings. The Moon Lady looks down to us tortured creatures and is unconditional in her compassion. Raise your filthy hands to her and watch as they become clean by her Grace. For she is the Mother, how could she not but care for her children? No matter where are bodies may be or in what form or condition, she will put us aright. She will shine through us and set our hearts a glow. Send all woes and fears to her and she will transmute them to joy and courage if you let her. Behold! The goddess of the Night Sky, her glory is our happiness, her purpose is our well being. For she is the Queen of Magick and her power can be found within every living being. You are loved, you are protected, you are blessed.
—Tytus Lionheart

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