Monday, March 25, 2013

Book of Interest: Witch School First Degree by Rev. Don Lewis


Experience has taught me that doing “book of the week” articles was strenuous, so then I started “book of the month”, which also turned out to be shamefully hard to keep up with. I noticed that many people want reviews on books of magickal studies because said books can be rather pricey. In this observation I am bring back book reviews but I am making no promises as to when I will be posting a new review. The new title of this posting series is then “Book of Interest”, books I find to be worth mentioning. Much of my magickal knowledge comes from mentors and books, the books I will be posting will be judged by my own experimentations and opinions. They do not reflect my feeling towards the author or any who enjoy their work the reviews are merely my opinion.

Here is how its going to be set up: I will explain the book briefly (for further detail on each book buy one and read it), then I will give my notes on the books, the books level of study (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert), I will rate the quality of the book using a point system from 1-5; 5 being the highest score. For courtesy sake I will also rank the necessity of the tome (Don't need, Must have, Great for Covens, Great for Solitaries, Workbook, Grimoire). For ease of use there will be a summary of the books rating/ranking to be used as a quick reference.

To kick off the Book of Interest posting series I would like to mention the works of my traditions First Degree workbooks. First Degree is a level of initiation within Wiccan groups, it is typically the first level of priesthood within the Wiccan religion. Now I am not trying to ‘convert’ anyone to my tradition or claim that the tradition I follow is the only way. A large part of my current workings and practices is based around the teachings of this book which is a manual for attaining magickal and spiritual development. The book itself says it is merely a workbook through the wiccan system and one can take the teachings and go on their own path or they can continue within the traditions system. The tradition is called the Correllian Natavist Tradition and the book is part of their Witch School (at written by the head of the tradition, Rev. Don Lewis-Highorrell.

 Witch School: First Degree by Rev. Don Lewis     

  When I first got the book it was after I had taken a couple online classes at I wanted to further my magickal training and after getting the book and going through the lessons, that’s exactly what I’ve done. From simple grounding meditations to powerful chakra workouts, magickal and psychic development is a main focus. There are many Wiccan aspects to this book because it is a workbook for a wiccan tradition, but those can easily be augmented for those that don’t vibe with the wiccan system. Overall the book compels one to add their own individuality to the practices, making the rituals and meditations much more personal and enriching. Each lesson has a magickal exercise, a spell and god/dess information. The book is definitely great for beginners, especially those interested in Wicca and paganism. I give the text 4/5 for ease of use and enriching material.

Summary: Level-Beginner Topic-Wicca, Magickal Developement Star-4/5 Necessity- Work Book

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