Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Wiccan "Beliefs" of Tytus Lionheart: Part 1

The Goddess and the God, Our Lord and Lady
·         Pray, meditate and connect with these aspects of the Great Spirit, or Universe (nature). It is natural to prefer one over the other but be sure to seek unity and understanding of both to be truly balanced and to attain true power.
·         Pray to the Lord and Lady with elaborate ritual or a simple prayer with energy and visualization; both have great values in your connection with the Goddess and the God. Do one or the other, but it is important to DO IT!
·         All of life and creation and all those beings apart of creation are children to the Lord and Lady, having the same worth and divine spark within each unique nature. The Goddess is our Soul, The God is the vessel (body), this is true of all Creation’s beings. Therefore we should be conscious of treating ourselves and all other beings in this realm with compassion and respect.
--- It is necessary to note that though compassion and respect should be the behavior of all Creation’s beings, it is not. Therefore respect and show compassion to yourself and those that deserve it first (those that treat you with the same compassion and respect). But to love Nature and all its positive and negative aspects is to show acceptance; which leads to power.
·         The Goddess and the God love you, unconditionally.
Summerland and Reincarnation
·         When a being of Creation dies, the soul rests in Summerland to process it’s experience and grow closer to it’s evolution back into the Goddess, or what is known as Divine Union. A soul is a part of  the Goddess and the Goddess is a part of the soul.
·         The soul will reincarnate into another realm of existence and may incarnate with people or beings we’ve known in other lives. We may incarnate into this realm again for many years or we may incarnate into a completely different realm of experience. It is all a part of each souls individual experience and growth.
·         Communication with the dead souls as we know them is possible, but must be done only to seek guidance or information to continue our growth and not to satisfy ego or as a way to withdraw from your responsibilities in this life.
·         Death is a part of this realm and can teach us if we are accepting to its lessons and do not fear or hide from it.
·         Magick is a practice and art form to cause change in accordance to Will. The “Will”  is willpower or desire. Magick is a gift from the Lord and Lady to find power in all realms.
·         Prayer is a form of magick called “Petition Magick” or “Divine Energy”.
·         “Magick shall not be used to bring harm, injure or control others. But if the need arises, Magick shall be used to protect your life or the lives of others.”—Scott Cunningham, “Living Wicca” This is a basic guideline for magickal ethics. It is the code of the Wiccan but its values hold different levels of constraint or merit within other magickal practitioners.
·         “Magick is used as need dictates.”--- Scott Cunningham, “Living Wicca” Good way to get positive results is not to abuse magick or use it impulsively.
·         “Use not magick for prideful gain, for doing so cheapens the mysteries of Wicca and magick.”--- Scott Cunningham, “Living Wicca”
·         Magick can be used for personal gain as long as attention is put into harming none from the outcome (this includes yourself).
·         Magick is a tool to help enrich our lives so we may grow and live a happy life. It can also teach and guide us towards strength and knowledge. Magick is a power that harmonizes our self with the Universe and creation. Through it we find ourselves, and who we truly are. Magick is transformation.

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