Monday, October 10, 2011

Even Hell has Air Conditioning

Even Hell has Air Conditioning
By: Tytus Lionheart

When one crosses the lake of smoke and fire,
One crosses the path of fools and liars,
But even amongst these dirty weeds, one can still smell an evergreen.
For you see…even Hell has air conditioning.

Life is a blur of murky waters.
One is never sure when to take orders,
Nor when to give, even if it meant to live,
But without the dark parts of our minds, we could never see our soul’s true light.
Is it a candle struggling in the wind?,
Or is it an inferno, broad yet bent?
What one must always remember,
When down in the seas of embers,
That it is not what you think nor why, but how high.
Looks like the stars will have competition in their eternal existence,
For people may have been found broken and beaten,
But wounds can be mended,
And spirits can be raised, even from the ashes of our graves,
We can be reborn!

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