Monday, October 10, 2011

Ensared in your Being

Ensared in your Being
{For my fiance and future husband, my sun and stars.}
Your eyes are so attuning,
One look and I’m in your mind, comfortable and listening,
We are one person with spirits that enter twine,
I am sun, you are moon, you are sun, I am moon,
A force that connects us needs no words,
I feel you, your energy, your being,
It rings loudly within me; the vibrations are brazing yet wanted,
Your tune melts me and I am entranced with your being
Like a lotus-eater, I get a taste of your energy and I need more,
Ensnared with ecstasy, with knowing, with loving,
It is my heart that rings back to you,
I hope you are just as embraced within my being, as I am with yours,
Your glamour remarks the First Fascination of the Goddess to the God,
The first enchantment and it was for love, for lust, for wanting of being , needing of being,
Thus is the power of our love, we are blessed with enchantment,
 Every moment with you, is cherished and joyous.

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