Monday, October 3, 2011

Merry Meet

This blog is an expression of myself as an artist, writer, Wiccan and activist. Mostly it is for myself, but if others find interests in my expressionsthat is wonderful and I am glad I can inspire others. I am an ecclectic Wiccan studying in the Correllian Natavist Tradition. I am also a beginner alchemist and herbologist. I find inspiration from nature, religion, occultism and the life around. I'm an avid reader and as such I love to write; be it poems, stories, spells, or just journaling. Tytus Lionheart is my craft name: Tytus is old polish (my ethnic background) for Fire, the element I feel most aligned to. Lion is my totem and emblem of self, aswell as my astrological sign Leo. Heart is an emphasis of my Leo traits of loyalty, honour, courage, strength, pride and honesty. As an activist I seek postive change in social justice and goverments. Love is Law in my philosophy and it is my personal mission to make this world a better place for all of Creation's children, I am a big suppoter of Equality California and the Human Rights Campaign. I believe that patriotism is more than just standing up for your country, I believe its standing up for what your country could be and should be. Anyways, thats all for this inroduction. I am excited to begin posting my material for this blog. Till next time. Beatus Esse.

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