Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Invocation to Lord Hermes

Here is an invocation I wrote myself to my patron, Lord Hermes also called Mercury:
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"Hail Lord Hermes, Gracious God of Magick, Market and Communication. Hail be to the Clever One, Whose keen mind can outwit man and god alike, Whose skill of thieving is but a testament to His brilliance. The Guide of Dead Souls, with compassion greater than any other God. Whose speed of travel is as fast as thought, Whose beauty has caught the love and grace of Aphrodite. Bless all that study Your ways my Lord Hermes, may all witches, magicians, priests, priestesses and wizards alike revel in Your secrets and be made masters of their craft and knowledge. Bless those that seek Your wisdom, O' Great One! O' Enchanted One! Guide us through our lives and aid us in our magick. Beatus Esse!"
---- Tytus Lionheart


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