Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Invocation to Lord Hermes for Eloquent Speech and Critical Thinking

Here is another invocation to Lord Hermes, this one is for eloquent speech and critical thinking:

“Lord Hermes, O Great One, grant me the gift of eloquent speech and of critical thinking. Allow my mind to be as swift as you my Lord. O Enchanted One, O Clever God! I do need Your assistance, refine my mind to be keen and sharp. May my thoughts spin gold and my tongue turn silver with ever word I speak. May I stay focused and be on top of all that shall happen this day and everyday. I seek Your guidance in my life, I seek Your Awesome and Terrible power of the mind and I shall revel in these blessings as I revel in Your love. It is to You I pray my Lord Hermes, Thy Will is God, Thy Will Be Done. Beatus Esse!”
—— Tytus Lionheart

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