Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wiccan Inspiration: Magick Motto

A magickal motto is a name or phrase that you instill into your daily meditations and prayers, this is so the motto integrates itself with your essence. Technically any quote or adopted name can be a motto such as "As Above, So Below" an ancient axiom that is a simplified explanation about how the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, or that the universe is reflected in its smaller parts. My name Tytus Lionheart, is a motto, Tytus is an old polish name meaning 'fire', the element I am most attuned to and a reflection of my personal nature, it is also a link to my past as my Grandmother was a practicing witch who escaped from Poland to America when the Nazis invaded. Lionheart is a testament to my adoration of the symbol of the lion; a symbol of strength, courage, loyalty and pride. All of these qualities are integrated into myself when I refer to myself as Tytus Lionheart, I mark my tool and talismans with this name. I represent myself to the online and Wiccan communities as Tytus Lionheart, so then these qualities are representing me. Mostly the motto is an insight, a revelation that you spend your whole life attuning yourself to, such as Aleister Crowley's motto "Love is the Law, Love under Will" from which he spent the rest of his years working this motto into his life and spiritual practice.
A magickal motto has been revealed to me as well, one given to me by my Higher Self and I have begun melding it into my practice, usually I end a prayer or invocation with this motto, “Thy Will is God: Thy Will be Done”- this motto is my combination of the principles in the axioms “as above, so below” and “do what thou wilt”. “Thy Will is God” reminds me that my soul is a part of the Great Spirit and I am a reflection of the Divine Will, there for my Will must be in tune with the Will of the Great Spirit. “Thy Will be done”; 'Will' here is that of True Will, True Will is attuned to the Will of the Great Spirit as should be accomplished through the work of the magician and witch. It also means that one should put to good use the abilities granted when one is attuned to their True Will, through the power of the soul connected to the divine, one should use that power for the benefit of others in need of such power. Examples of this are healing, divination, spirit communication, protection, spiritual guidance, path working, teaching magick, etc. It is also a reminder that learning and studying the occult and magick is not just for personal power but for the power of a community as well. It is important for me that I give back for all I have been blessed with. So then “thy will be done” is the Will of the Great Spirit which is always for the highest good and benefit of all.

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