Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Self = All

As well as cultivating a healthy relation with yourself and your power, you must cultivate a healthy relation with others and their powers. You would be surprised as to how much we all influence each other even in the most seemingly arbitrary ways. Which brings me to an important Occult law:

Self = All
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You are beautiful just for being you, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be good to yourself and compassion for others will grow. Take care of Self and see Self everywhere.

We should be collective individuals instead of being individually collected. Stand for others, yes, but stand for you first. You are what is in your life, whatever takes place in your daily trials takes place within you and becomes a part of you. Once you start cultivating a love of Self, you begin to understand pain, strife and what it takes to become happy. You then understand struggle and will see that same struggle in others who share this life all around you…and you will love them and help them, because in doing so you are loving and helping yourself.

Beatus Esse,


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