Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Divination Stones

Divination Stones

I am not usually one to dabble or work within the arts of divination. I use my tarot cards for spell craft, and runes for inscription. I mean I've learned a bit of astrology but again this mostly works in spell craft for me. I never have been totally interested in divination but then earlier this month I was looking over one of Scott Cunningham's published spell books, "Earth Power" I believe. Under the section of Stone Magick Cunningham talks about how stones (and indeed all things) have a certain frequency to their vibrational tone and how based on these frequencies, one could determine the proper magickal use of a stone. One of the examples was the making of Divination stones. To determine the vibrational frequency of a stone, hold the stone in your projective hand (the hand you use to write) and hold it tight, feel the stone. Notice the weight, the texture, the temperature of the stone. Now hold the stone loosely in your fist and be still. You should feel a pulsating within your palm and fingers. If the pulsating is quick and strong it is a high vibrational stone. If the pulsating is slow and subtle, it is a low vibrational stone. This may seem to take a long time but once you know what the vibrations feels like, it should take only seconds. Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about how this works for divination. Take a light colored high vibrational stone, this is "Yes". Now a dark colored low vibrational stone, this is "no". And a uniquely colored or shaped mid-vibrational (meaning having a frequency between the other two stones), this is the "indicator". Hold the stones in your hands focus mentally on your question and roll the stones like dice. The stone closest to the "indicator" is the answer.

So I was intrigued, none the less, and went about my stone supplies to find the needed vibrational stones:

The first to the left is a high vibrational stone which mean "yes". The middle is a medium vibrational stone which is the "indicator". The last to the right is a low vibrational stone that means "no".

I then set about asking the stones three questions a week. I would write down the question and date/time it. I would write the outcome as well along with date and time. Its seems the stones are very accurate (in their own way), and the outcomes seem to be dependent on the intensity of the question being asked. Even though these stones are just for yes and no questions they can reveal a great deal about many things. As a tip, the proximity of all three stones can give a more detailed answer. The answers I am getting seem to have a certain pattern that involves the energy of time, space and self. Definitely my new favorite divination project, the results are scary accurate.

***But always remember: “There is no such thing as coincidence only inevitability.” and “Once you know your destiny, you always have a choice.”

Happy Casting!

Beatus Esse,


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