Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Knot Magick

Knot Magick:
“I’ll tie up my hopes and dreams to carry them with me”
This is one of my favorite types of spell casting. Knot magick is simple, inexpensive and can be used for any magickal need one can think of. Knot magick goes way back to at least 4,000 years, in fact cuneiform tablets were produced in the Near East describing various types of magick involving the use of knots* (“Earth Power” by Scott Cunningham pg.91)
The theory behind knot magick is that tying the knot can be a magickal act which brings into physical form an abstract idea, magickal intent, conception or thought.
  Essentially, you hold your cord (natural fibers and yarn work best), you calm your mind and focus on your intent, visualize your goal already coming to fruition, now hold this image as much as possible building energy by tensing all the muscles in your body. When you can no longer keep a clear image and you’ve built enough energy, tie the knot while simultaneously relaxing all your muscles. Congratulations you’ve just casted a knot spell.
Like all simple spells you can build upon this for more specific energies and better concentration on your magickal intent. This can be done by using various colors of strings to symbolize specific purposes, for example: Pink for love and compassion, Red for strength and courage, Yellow for luck and critical thinking, etc. Whatever the color means to you then that is how you should use it symbolically towards your magickal purpose. Here is a simple knot spell I created to bring Luck:
Lucky Bracelet Spell
Items Need:
-Yellow Yarn
-Lavender oil (I find that patchouli works great as well but if neither are available olive oil is fine)
Instructions: First make sure you will be undisturbed for a few minutes. Now quite your mind, some find taking a relaxing bath or shower helps clear your mind, but just taking a moment to breathe and still your thoughts is enough. Hold the lavender oil and give it a whiff, think of your goal at hand and dab the yarn with some of the oil. Now hold the yellow yarn, know that yellow represents luck and critical thinking. Stare at the yarn and begin to focus on your intent, visualize yourself being happy, and living fulfilling moments in your day to day life, “feel” the luck already with you, you can accomplish anything because your are so lucky. Now as you are visualizing this, build up personal energy, tense your muscles slowly saying these or similar words three times with feeling: “Luck and Happiness is always with me, I am lucky!” now tie the yarn around your left wrist (the left hand symbolically represents receiving energy), as you tie the knot say the words again for three knots releasing all the energy you built up while doing so. You’ve completed the spell! Now when you really need a boost of luck or you need to think on your feet just sniff the bracelet and let your spell do its work.
**Note: if bracelet gets too dirty just cut off and keep in safe place DO NOT UNTIE KNOTS! You can also burn or bury the cord to make sure the knots never come undone.

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