Thursday, August 8, 2013

Magickal Training

It is important, especially for the beginner, to develop a daily routine that employs your latest lessons in the occult. Below are some exercises and routines I employ for my magickal training. This is just a guideline set and is not the end all beat all of the occult regimen, feel free to pick and choose or employ all of them if you so desire. This regimen is a mixture of Wicca/witchcraft and Ceremonial magick:

  • Stretching/ exercise- Yoga is especially appropriate for this. Such actions are known as 'polishing the temple' and should be apart of your daily practice.
  • Grounding/shielding/centering- Be sure you make a regular practice of these. There are techniques given on this blog for grounding and shielding [here], and there is a centering technique known as the Qabalistic Cross [here]
  •  The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)- One of the most important rituals to perform on a daily basis. The LBRP will increase the strength of your aura and clear the area you perform it in from all negativity. It raises the energies of your magickal being.
  • The Middle Pillar- The middle pillar should be practiced after the LBRP and will allow you to tap into the universal power, eventually with practice this power can be used in healing and charging talismans.
  • Chakra Balancing- There are many techniques for balancing the chakras. Chakras are energy centers within the body that must be charged and strengthen through meditation. You should learn to open and close chakras, start with the so called Seven Major Chakras that is the Root, the Sacral chakra, the Solar chakra, the Heart, the Throat chakra, the Third Eye, and the Crown.
  • Elemental Assimilation- Working in harmony with the elements will greatly increase your magickal ability and understanding. There are four elements that you assimilate with: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. You can learn more about this process [here]. Each element should first be approached one by one. One element for one week, at the end of that week, practice a spell that involves the quality of that element. After this is achieved move onto the next element and so on. Once all four elements have been assimilated, reduce the practice to once a month or whenever you deem it necessary.
  • Earthing- Earthing is exactly what it sounds like, spending time to walk, sit or lie down on an area of Earth. Parks, backyards, hiking trails and etc, are all good ways of Earthing. I practice Earthing every morning in my backyard, I walk around my grass barefoot drinking in the energies of the earth from my feet and releasing them through my breath, this is known as "breathing through your feet". This may seem like a simple act but its importance can only be understood after daily practice. 
  • Simple Meditation- Sometimes we get caught up in both the magickal and mundane that we forget to simply relax. Meditation is a powerful tool for the occult practitioner, finding our center even in the most trying environments (city bus, crowded park, noisy housemates) is beneficial to all who practice magick. Simply sit down, breathe for three counts then count backwards from 12 to 1, breathing with each count, and once you reach 1 you will be in a relaxed state. A trick for those just beginning, if your mind wanders simply pull it back and breath, if noises in your area distract you, listen to them and realize you are at one with them then breathe. The breath is a tool, use it to calm yourself and ease your tension. I have been told to meditate for at least 30min a day. Thats a little extreme for beginners, I'd say make an attainable goal and then work to increase it. Start with 3min, then 5min and so and so forth. 
I feel this is enough for the budding practitioner to start with. There are many great techniques here for increasing your magickal ability and for bettering your life in general. Discipline is the first virtue to attain on the path of magick. Be strong and keep on, make sure to record your experiences in a journal that is used for your magick and meditation. Record in it the moon phase, date and time as well as the weather and your emotional state at the time. You will see a pattern emerge after some time of practicing. Use this as your ultimate tool, the Magickal Journal. It will tell you more about yourself than you can realize. "Know Thyself" is a law of magick. 

Beatus Esse,

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