Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

  This is a great banishing tool as well as an exercise that should be performed on a daily basis to strengthen the aura and raise the energy of your magickal being. This is an earth banishing ritual and is mostly employed for clearing negative energy of a given space, as well as to clear up your aura. Find a space in which you will not be disturbed, ground your energy then center yourself with the Qabalistic Cross.

Next facing East draw a star, visualizing it as blue light. Once finished make the Sign of the Enterer, also known as the Sign of Horus (You can check out these stances [here] ) make sure you thrust your hands through the star you have just drawn, while doing so breath out and though your entire exhalation, vibrate this God name: Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh

Pull back to regular standing position and using your right hand trace a line of white light from the center of the star to the South, facing South draw another with the same blue light as the last. Make the Sign of the Enterer again, thrusting your hand through the center of the star you have just drawn and using your entire exhalation to vibrate this God name:

Pull back and trace from the Southern star to the West. Draw a star with blue light and make the Sign of the Enterer while vibrating this God name: Eh-Heh-Eh

Pull back and trace a line of white light to the North, draw a star with blue light. Make the Sign of the Enterer while vibrating this God Name: Ag-Lah

Pull back and trace the white line back to the Eastern Star, now stand with feet together and arms apart like a cross. Visualize an angel with yellow robes, holding a caduceus standing in front of you as you say these words: Before me, (vibrate the name) Raphael

Visualize behind you and angel in blue robes holding a chalice, say: Behind me, (vibrate) Gabriel.

Visualize to your right an angel in red robes holding a flaming sword, say: To my right, (vibrate) Michael.

Visualize to your left an angel with green robes, holding a pentacle, say: To my left, (vibrate) Uriel.

Stand arms and feet apart, like a star and say: For about me flames the pentagram! then visualize a star of david (also called the mystic star) within the middle of your chest shining a golden light and say: And within me shines the six rayed star!"

End with Qabalistic Cross.

Beatus Esse,

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