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Witch School First Degree Exercises

Witch School First Degree Exercises
        These exercises are taken from the CorrellianNatavist Tradition’s First Degree course from Witch School.  These exercises are designed to build up your psychic energies and help you learn to control them. Many of these exercises use Chakra points. Chakras are the energy centers of the body, and there are quite a few of them. The first three lessons however you will just be using two chakras; these are located in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. You can visualize these chakras as balls of white light directly in the center of your palm or sole of your foot. These two chakras are basic chakras that are used for bringing energy into the body and for sending it out of the body. Other chakras are more specialized.  I have chosen these exercises to be a part of the Lion Heart Coursework (L.H.C) to train myself in my First Degree priesthood and to show how one must practice to become proficient in psychic and magickal workings. These are excellent exercises to train your inherent magickal abilities, the more you work out your psychic muscles the stronger they get.  These exercises are meant to be done daily until you have got them down and can do them easily. There are different sets of daily exercises; as we go along through the coursework I will add the sets I am doing daily and also leave the proper instructions for when to switch to the next set of exercises. Remember to record every exercise and your experience in each. You can record this in your Book of Shadows, or a journal dedicated only to the practice of these exercises.

EX.1: Put yourself into a comfortable position. Begin by releasing; close your eyes and imagine all worries and anxieties of your day just pouring out of you like water, down and out through the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Now place the palms of your hands together. Imagine a ball of white light between your two palms, radiating out from where they touch. Imagine it very strongly, seeing it clearly.
     Now pull your hands slowly apart. Imagine the ball of light stretching out between your hands as you separate them, becoming a beam of light between your palms. Hold this for a few seconds, longer if you can. Then, slowly, bring your hands together, shrinking the beam of light between them until they close together and it is gone. Clear and release all excess energy as outlined in the page entitled “Psychic Hygiene”. Imagine a stream of white light or water flowing through you from the top of your head and carrying all excess energy away through the soles of your feet. 
    Practice this until you get good at it. Then you are ready for exercise 2.

EX.2: This exercise begins just like EX.1. Mimic it just the same until you get to the point where you have created the beam of energy between your hands.  Then, instead of stopping, visualize that beam growing and expanding to form a ball of white light between your hands. Hold that image as long as you can. Then, slowly, bring your hands back together, seeing the ball shrink between them, growing smaller and smaller until by the time your hands close, the ball is gone.
   Clear and release when you’re done. When you get good at this, you’re ready to try exercise 3.

EX.3: This exercise is just like EX.1, except when you open your hands, instead of a beam of white light, visualize a rainbow between your hands. Every color has an effect on energy, so this will work to strengthen you on a number of levels at once.                                                                                                    

These three exercises are not meant to replace each other, but done together. As you master one, you will add the next one to your daily regimen. Always release before and after, but not between, the exercises. When you have mastered all three, this is will be your regimen: Release, EX.1, EX.2, EX.3, and release again.

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