Friday, February 3, 2012

Magickal Clay Pendant

Magickal Clay Pendant

By: Tytus Lionheart

 Use image as stencil for clay pendant. As you inscribe symbol in wet clay, chant the magickal intention over and over while visualizing. Feel the power build within you and release it into the clay and symbol as you work. Example chant:

Enchantment for Power Charm

“Within this charm I place power,

 that can be called on every hour,

With the key which must be spoken,

And within me power shall awaken,

Thus shall the enchantment, “Beatus Esse”, bring such magick to happen!”

Visualize yourself being able to easily tap into your magickal powers and spiritual energy while wearing this pendant after saying the magick words “Beatus Esse”, which is Latin for “Blessed Be”. 

The symbol
The symbol or inscription you use on your pendant can be any that inspire you or give you strength. Examples can be: the pentacle, cross, ankh, yin-yang, Thor’s hammer, a lion, a dragon, mystic star (Star of David), or you could even use a symbol of your own creation that speaks of your personal power.

Other magickal goals

 Increasing magickal or spiritual power need not be the only goal for the magickal clay pendant. Other goals include: healing, luck, prosperity, happiness, meditation, sleep, psychic awareness, spirit summoning, invocation, banishment, protection, bindings, love, strength, success...etc. any magickal goal can work with the magickal clay pendant.

The Clay

Real earthen clay, all natural clay is best for this type of practice. Artificial clays will not absorb nor mingle with the energies of the spell properly. My favorite type of clay is distributed by AMACO : Natural Clay. Be sure the box or container with which the clay is packaged reads “non-toxic, lead free” and that it is reusable air dry clay and use a sealer for extra strength. You can easily find this clay at art shops and craft stores, I find mine at Michaels Art’s and Crafts.

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