Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional by 9th Circut Panel

Great news my brothers and sisters, the hate based ban on LGBT Californians' state constitutional right to marry, Proposition 8, has been ruled by the 9th Circuit Panel to be unconstitutional! This is the moment we have been waiting for. As a proud homosexual who is engaged to the man of my dreams, this is amazing news, for now I can marry the man I love in the state I love. I have stood with Equality California as we counter protested the Yes on 8 campaign, I have been to jail standing up for my right as a tax paying American to be treated equally in the eyes of our nation, I have done debates, written articles and donated to Equality California and Courage Campaign. I am most pleased that all we have worked for and all we have fought for has been realized with the wise decisions of the judges of the 9th Circuit's unanimous (3-0) vote that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. This is a great step towards equal rights for LGBT Americans. The time for fearful bigotry and religious/civil persecution of LGBT Americans is coming to an end. A time of equality and understanding is here. Let us rejoice and give thanks to all the women and men, gay or straight, that helped make this happen. Give thanks to the Gods that justice and love have triumphed yet again.

You can learn more about the trial and get updates on future rulings at: Prop 8 Trial Tracker. Also give some consideration to donating to: Courage Campaign and to Equality California.

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