Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Weekly Occult Herbs!

In partnership with Luminearth I have accepted the privilege of sharing my occult input on herbs from "LuminEarth’s Guide To Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants". I will share here my occult correspondences and have a link also to the herb site at Luminearth. I hope these occult correspondences help aid the interested student of natural magick, let these notes and tables be a guide for you and your work. Beatus Esse, Tytus Lionheart.

First Plant for this week:
 (sorry I know it a little late in the week but next week is gonna be right on time!)

 Plantago Major: Broadleaf Plantain

Herbal Occult Info and Folk Medicinal Properties
 Folk Name: White-Man’s Foot
Parts Used: leaf, shoot/stem, seed
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Gender: Feminine
Goddesses/Gods: Hecate (with its road correspondence and feminine nature), there is little known about this herb but it is a sacred herb and can be used to honor all Goddesses and Gods.
Medicinal Uses: A leaf poultice is used to speed a wounds healing. The leaves treat urinary infections, burns, bee stings, hemorrhoids, and conjunctivitis. They are mucilaginous and expectorant. The Seeds are high in fiber; their mucilage may lower cholesterol and is used in cosmetics. In the wild, if you are injured chew on the leaves of the plantain to make a spit-poultice, then place this on the wound using a small amount of dirt to bind it if necessary. this will pull all the germs and help promote healing, and this can also work for removing splinters.
Folklore: In Latin America it is a folk remedy for cancer. In China, it’s made into a detoxifying tea for treating tubercular ulcers and diarrhea. The herb was one of the nine sacred herbs of the Angelo-Saxons and was used for poisonous bites and related injuries.
Magickal Uses: The plantain is used in protection spells for the home and the car as well as for travelers, especially those traveling on a road (which is where this plant likes to grow). The plantain can give power to magickal workings in general. The herb is also used in healing sachets, specifically for headaches and fatigue.

Check out Luminearth's page on the Broadleaf Plantain.

Speacial Thanks to Becki Baumgartner from Luminearth.

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