Thursday, March 22, 2012

Also New Book of the Week!!!! **Yay!**

That's right fellow seekers of occult knowledge, I will be posting a weekly book report on books about magick and Wicca. Here is how its going to be set up: I will explain the book briefly (for further detail on each book buy one and read it), then I will give my notes on the books, the books level of study (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert), I will rate the quality of the book using a point system from 1-5; 5 being the highest score. For courtesy sake I will also rank the necessity of the tome (Don't need, Must have, Great for Covens, Great for Solitaries, Workbook, Grimoire). For ease of use there will be a summary of the books rating/ranking to be used as a quick reference.

This Weeks Book: 

T.LH: I have been really enthralled with the book "The Wiccan Mysteries" by Raven Grimassi. I feel the book covers many topics that require the expert and well informed explanation that Raven offers in his book. In the text Raven talks with in depth detail about some of the more advanced topics of Wicca as a Mystery Tradition. These Topics Range from Reincarnation, Female/ Male Mysteries, Planes of Existence, Wiccan Deity, and much more. I feel Raven gives an amazing guide to this intense study of the spiritual principles of Wicca as a religion and philosophy. The application of this book to ones practice would create a richer spiritual connection and understanding to the teachings of Wicca. I would say this book to be at an Intermediate Level of study though if the beginner is determined enough I'm sure they can make use of this tome as well. I give the text 4/5 stars.

Summary:  Level-Intermediate      Topic-Wicca Spirituality     Star-4/5      Necessity-Must Have

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