Thursday, March 22, 2012

Also New Book of the Week!!!! **Yay!**

That's right fellow seekers of occult knowledge, I will be posting a weekly book report on books about magick and Wicca. Here is how its going to be set up: I will explain the book briefly (for further detail on each book buy one and read it), then I will give my notes on the books, the books level of study (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert), I will rate the quality of the book using a point system from 1-5; 5 being the highest score. For courtesy sake I will also rank the necessity of the tome (Don't need, Must have, Great for Covens, Great for Solitaries, Workbook, Grimoire). For ease of use there will be a summary of the books rating/ranking to be used as a quick reference.

This Weeks Book: 

T.LH: I have been really enthralled with the book "The Wiccan Mysteries" by Raven Grimassi. I feel the book covers many topics that require the expert and well informed explanation that Raven offers in his book. In the text Raven talks with in depth detail about some of the more advanced topics of Wicca as a Mystery Tradition. These Topics Range from Reincarnation, Female/ Male Mysteries, Planes of Existence, Wiccan Deity, and much more. I feel Raven gives an amazing guide to this intense study of the spiritual principles of Wicca as a religion and philosophy. The application of this book to ones practice would create a richer spiritual connection and understanding to the teachings of Wicca. I would say this book to be at an Intermediate Level of study though if the beginner is determined enough I'm sure they can make use of this tome as well. I give the text 4/5 stars.

Summary:  Level-Intermediate      Topic-Wicca Spirituality     Star-4/5      Necessity-Must Have

New Weekly Occult Herbs!

In partnership with Luminearth I have accepted the privilege of sharing my occult input on herbs from "LuminEarth’s Guide To Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants". I will share here my occult correspondences and have a link also to the herb site at Luminearth. I hope these occult correspondences help aid the interested student of natural magick, let these notes and tables be a guide for you and your work. Beatus Esse, Tytus Lionheart.

First Plant for this week:
 (sorry I know it a little late in the week but next week is gonna be right on time!)

 Plantago Major: Broadleaf Plantain

Herbal Occult Info and Folk Medicinal Properties
 Folk Name: White-Man’s Foot
Parts Used: leaf, shoot/stem, seed
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Gender: Feminine
Goddesses/Gods: Hecate (with its road correspondence and feminine nature), there is little known about this herb but it is a sacred herb and can be used to honor all Goddesses and Gods.
Medicinal Uses: A leaf poultice is used to speed a wounds healing. The leaves treat urinary infections, burns, bee stings, hemorrhoids, and conjunctivitis. They are mucilaginous and expectorant. The Seeds are high in fiber; their mucilage may lower cholesterol and is used in cosmetics. In the wild, if you are injured chew on the leaves of the plantain to make a spit-poultice, then place this on the wound using a small amount of dirt to bind it if necessary. this will pull all the germs and help promote healing, and this can also work for removing splinters.
Folklore: In Latin America it is a folk remedy for cancer. In China, it’s made into a detoxifying tea for treating tubercular ulcers and diarrhea. The herb was one of the nine sacred herbs of the Angelo-Saxons and was used for poisonous bites and related injuries.
Magickal Uses: The plantain is used in protection spells for the home and the car as well as for travelers, especially those traveling on a road (which is where this plant likes to grow). The plantain can give power to magickal workings in general. The herb is also used in healing sachets, specifically for headaches and fatigue.

Check out Luminearth's page on the Broadleaf Plantain.

Speacial Thanks to Becki Baumgartner from Luminearth.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ostara Ritual for Vitality

Ostara Ritual
Invocation for Vitality
(From The Wiccan Year by Judy Ann Nock, pg.111)
With its emphasis on new beginnings and new life, Ostara is an ideal time to call a renewed sense of energy to ourselves so that we may flourish along with the greening earth. Begin with an invigorating ritual bath. Combine equal amounts of: Sea Salt and Epsom Salt in a bowl (about 1/8 cup of each) and add a handful of crushed peppermint leaves.
                Pour the mixture into a muslin pouch or large tea bag/ cheese cloth and steep in a hot bath. Allow the salts to dissolve and the water to cool until it in comfortable. Immerse yourself in the bath with a soaked cloth draped over your face. Breathe in the stimulating essence of the herb as you allow the warm water to ease your muscles.
                Use the cloth to exfoliate your body, envisioning the cold and stagnant energy being scrubbed away and replaced with an exciting new dawn. As you wash your face, think on these words:

                “I cleanse myself in the blessed company of the tender green of the Earth. May my thoughts and desires be aligned with the Divine Nature of the Goddess. Allow my eyes to discern beauty wherever it lies. Let me breathe in the invigorating air. May it renew my blood with it’s purity. May my ears be filled with the happy songs of the birds of the sky. May my lips curl in a delightful smile at the new life unfolding around me. May my voice be clear and strong, raised in praise to the great lady of all beginnings. May my heart beat steady and sure, filled with love and not longing. May I never hunger nor thirst, but accept the abundance that is Her gift to the land. May the powerful sinews of my arms stretch to the sky to invoke Her grace. My hands will work the transformation of Her lovely crafts. My legs will move in a joyful dance. My feet will walk gently upon the renewing Earth, and the land shall become more beautiful because of my care.”

                After immersing yourself in water, it is now time to envision yourself aligning with the creatures of the land and of the air. Allow yourself to air-dry. As the water evaporates from your skin, think of the snakes that shed their skin in their cycle of renewal and the birds that molt, revealing their new feathers, soft and crisp. Next, light a candle and place a plate of fresh sprouts before you. Hold the plate high above the candle, saying this:

“May the spark of life and the flame of vitality imbue these living seeds with power and strength. Goddess great, Goddess green, blessings on these thriving seeds! As I consume them, hear my plea: Heal me. Grant me what I need.”

As you chew the sprouts, envision yourself taking in the energy of the springtime. As you swallow, envision yourself taking in the healing power of the Goddess inside you, replenishing your internal organs, enlivening your body with healthful energy, with blessings inside and out.

T.LH Notes:
I created a ritual bath to shed the unwanted and stagnant energy and then I took in a Goddess healing invocation which required me to eat fresh spouts and drink some delicious Mango juice. I feel I am seeing things more clearly, and I frankly have a lot of positive energy despite the stress I have been facing and the pain from my injury. I feel I shed-ed all which was keeping me from blossoming with the spring equinox and I had a very powerful moment during the cleansing as I was chanting "Goddess good, Goddess green, Goddess awaking Spring in me." I had a rush of energy that was deeply moving. I don't know if it was the combination of eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and Epsom salt that forced my third eye to open and flux or if Goddess touched me, but I felt a great power awakening within me and a connection to all things. I went out after the bath and planted a mint plant in my garden giving back to Goddess what Goddess had given me. I still feel a "buzzing" around my aura and body. I feel refreshed, energized and happy. My spirituality has always been strong but its moments like these that give me the most comfort.