Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lionheart Automotive Shielding Sachet (L.A.S.S) by Tytus Lionheart

A powerfully, magickal mojo bag from my own spell book. My fiance's old p.o.s van was acting strange and we kept getting into silly accidents. Finally we created and enchanted this sachet to shield the van and the next day the van was acting great. It lasted a longtime with out another accident till we sold it.
1 red pouch, or sachet, or square cloth
Dragon's Blood oil (can sub with olive oil)
Small mixing bowl (non metal)
1 red candle with candle holder (holder's color not important)
3 part rosemary
2 part pine
2 part bay
1 part rose petals (fresh or dry)
1 part vervain
Begin by holding the candle in your hand, build personal power, by tensing all your muscles while seeing strong, red energy building from your body. Visualize shields, flaming swords, an impenatrable force field surrounding your vehicle and protecting you from harm on the rode. Anoint the candle with Dragon's Blood oil while saying, "I charge thee candle, to spread protective energies where ever your flame shines. May all that basks in your bright light be blessed with protection against all negativity on every level."
Staying focused on the purpose of the spell mix the herbs in the bowl using your "projective hand" ( the hand you write with, if ambidextrous then use either or). Mix the herbs with your hand while visualizing protective energies pouring into the herbal mixture. Visualize a large shield, a guardian, or force field surrounding you an your vehicle as you drive. The latter is not mandatory merely a suggestion for stabalizing your visualization to empower your intent into the herbs, see the energy flowing from you into the herbal mixture.
Place candle in its holder and light it. Have the light of the candle shine onto the herbal mixture. Visualize the power of the candle enchanting the herbs, see yourself and your vehilce surrounded by protective barriers keeping you from harm.
Hold the visualization as along as possible, once you feel your concentration begin to wane say a prayer over the spell setup, "Safe and sound, no harm may come, witch herb and spell gives protection. As I do will, with harm to none, so mote it be"
Stuff the herbs in the red sachet, this a good time to use knot magick to bind the sachet to your car; take ends of shachet and begin to tie them together but before finishing the knot, build personal power, by tensing your muscles and visualizing white energy eminating from your body. Focus this white light to the sachet then relase the energy as you tie the knot by relaxing your muscles, say"I have bound thee charm to do as you are charged, protect your possesor from all harm. So mote it be." Find a space in your vehicle to place or tie the charm where it will not be diturbed by too many hands.
*Adds pleasant scent to your car
**works up to about 4 months before it needs a replacement. -T.LH

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